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My Heart Knows Tuesday 26th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Rachit requesting that Kalyani let them know that they are hitched now. Kalyani comes to Malhar and strolls towards Rachit. She cries and holds his hand thinking what Sampada had said. Everybody is stunned. Kalyani wipes her tears and turns towards everybody. She tells that Rachit and her marriage is valid and it is additionally a fact that he is her better half and she is his significant other.

Malhar and others are stunned. Pallavi asks what are you talking about? Aao Saheb inquires as to whether you have gone frantic, this man was acting to be your companion and was snake in sleeve. She says you ought to have slapped him firmly. Rachit expresses gratitude toward her and is going to kiss her hand, says you likewise cherishes me as I do. Malhar holds Rachit’s neck and says in the event that you contact her, I will kill you. Rachit asks didn’t you listen everything that she said. He says Rachit is my better half at this point. Kalyani requests that Malhar leave him. She says I couldn’t care less in the event that you concur or not, however I acknowledge this marriage. She says Rachit is my better half and I can’t see my significant other getting offended.

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Malhar is stunned and inquires as to whether you believe that I am a blockhead and will consent to your expressions. He asks what did he tell and compromise you. He requests that she say and asks her not to be frightened and tell him. Rachit says Malhar… .Malhar requests that he ease off. Kalyani is going to say, yet quits seeing Sampada. She asks him not to contact her as she is another person’ spouse now. She says it is my defenselessness to get you far from me, as until you disdain me you can’t disappear from me. Malhar requests that she attempt more and says in the event that you feel that you will foster scorn for me, get it done, however it is difficult. Kalyani says I came clean with you, we have no connection, I am his better half and his decision is my decision. Rachit says that is my young lady and requests that she gather her packs. He asks her not to be terrified and says I dislike Malhar, realizes that you can’t survive without your Aai, so we will remain at the opposite side of house.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 26th April 2022 Zee World: Aao Saheb stops him and says this man won’t remain in my home. She says you are Malhar’s better half and will remain with him. She says you needn’t bother with to be terrified. Rachit yells at her and says you can’t prevent me from remaining here, requests that Kalyani gather her sack and come. Aao Saheb holds Kalyani’s hand, yet she removes her hand. Swara requests that Kalyani tell her, and says we will get the arrangement, asks her to avoid amiss with her dada, not to isolate from him. Kalyani asks her not to come on her way and says please. Sarthak requests that she pay attention to her and requests that she check Malhar out. He says Malhar and moksh’s lives will be demolished thusly, his Aai and Baba are you and Malhar. Kalyani checks Moksh out. Sarthak asks her not to break his loved ones. Kalyani asks her not to cause her to comprehend and go to her room. Malhar is stunned and broken. Kitni baatein plays… … .

Kalyani cries in room. Rachit comes there. Kalyani holds and slaps him. She says she will rebuff him for what he has done and inquires as to for what reason did you do this. She says I thought you as my companion and believed you and you sold out me consequently. She inquires as to whether he could have done without her fellowship. She says I would have given my life to you, however you have grabbed my beginning and end from me. She inquires as to why you need to give torment to Malhar ji and me. She says you have killed our companionship and I will kill you today. She takes the jar and breaks on his head. She says you played with my child to get me and asks what is the error of the little kid. She says I won’t leave you today and is going to hit him once more, yet he stops her and inquires as to whether you will save Billu doing this.

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Kalyani stops and says Billu won’t be saved by this. Kalyani cries. Rachit says I know that… Kalyani asks him not to approach her. Rachit says you may be believing that I am beast, yet I love you generally. He says I need to pick this method for getting you. He says in the event that I needed, would have taken you nowhere near here, however I realize that kid’s significance and that is the reason said that we will move the room. He requests that she fail to remember all that and begin existence with him. Kalyani requests that he get out and asks him not to contact her again from now onwards. Rachit says however… you can acknowledge me to save Moksh.

Malhar asks Anupriya to say for what valid reason Kalyani is doing this. He requests that she get out whatever Rachit said to extorted her. He says I can’t acknowledge that Kalyani needs to isolate from me. Aao Saheb says you can save your girl’s life. Sarthak requests that she tell truth. Malhar says I resemble your child and requests that she tell. Sampada thinks she needs to accomplish something before Maai tells everybody. She takes Moksh from her and says let know if you know anything and gestures her no. Anupriya says I don’t have any idea why Kalyani is doing this and cries.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 26th April 2022 Zee World: Malhar comes to room and sees her crying. He requests that she partition the things similarly between them. He breaks the watch into equal parts. Kalyani is stunned.

Precap: Kalyani lets Malhar know that she has taken this choice herself. She says she don’t have the foggiest idea when she will pass on. Malhar flies off the handle and breaks the bed with hatchet.


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