My Heart Knows Tuesday 5th April 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows Tuesday 12th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows Tuesday 5th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Malhar asking Aahir for what reason did he give electric shock to Anupriya? Aahir says Dada. Asawari signs him not to say. Kalyani checks her out. Asawari requested that Aahir give electric shock to Anupriya so she doesn’t recall that she had met Anupriya there and that vehicle was of Sarthak. Fb closes. She slaps Aahir and inquires as to for what reason did you do this with your Kaki.

Malhar requests that Aahir say else… Aahir says I gave her electric shock as I naturally suspected she is Atharv. He says Atharv fouled up with Swara, so I needed to show her something new and ran behind him. He says he erroneously shocked Maayi. Malhar says Atharv is unwell and we have sent him to the psychological shelter and reprimands him for his way of behaving. Anupriya says I would rather not record any grievance.

Malhar says he can’t be put something aside for his doings and secures Aahir in the cell. He lets Commissioner know that he won’t deal with Aahir’s case as he don’t need anybody to say that I am inclined toward him. Asawari requests that he leave Aahir. Aahir says I am your more youthful sibling and so on Madhav says Aahir is rebuffed as of now and requests that he leave him. Malhar rejects and tells that Aahir should be rebuffed. He is sorry to Anupriya and Kalyani and emerges from Police station.

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My Heart Knows Tuesday 5th April 2022 Zee World: Kalyani sees him crying sitting outside. Malhar asks God, for what reason did he rebuff him like this and says you would have rebuffed me another way. He says I regard and worth my uniform, my own sibling is criminal and inquires as to why? Kalyani comes to him and cries. She says you are feeling terrible and your heart is harmed, asks him not to say anything and says I can comprehend and can sympathize with your aggravation.

Malhar says I don’t merit your compassion. He begins leaving. Pawar inquires as to whether he is coming to police headquarters today and tells that they need to enquire around 26th july case. Malhar says I know, we want to sort out Kaka’s hand in the homicide case. Sarthak asks Asawari, how challenge Aahir to give electric shock to Anupriya. Asawari lets him know that she doesn’t realize that Aahir had done this and says might be he was frightened. She says he can come clean to Police, however he remained quiet to save you. She says when did Radhe make the tape and how Aao Saheb got the tape.

Aao Saheb lets Anupriya know that they all are crooks. Anupriya expresses out loud anything you did was off-base as well. Pallavi says terrible thing will occur with awful individuals.

Anupriya says trouble maker and tells that he took you to Null’s lodging when the last option got unwell. She tells her that the day isn’t far when Malhar will beat her.

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She says Malhar don’t regard Kalyani. Malhar hears her, lifts Kalyani and takes her to inhouse sanctuary. He causes her to sit on the seat and does Kalyani’s aarti and drones the mantras which is recited to do puja. He then, at that point, says that it isn’t similar to that he don’t regard her, it is as he doesn’t communicate his feelings. Swara checks out at something in the book and embraces it. She hears entryway sound and conceals the paper from the book. Kalyani tells Swara that Malhar is broken and requests that she tell truth. She says I realize Atharv has not done anything to you and requests that she say.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 5th April 2022 Zee World: She says it is certain that Atharv is blameless. She says being Malhar’s sister, you have some liability towards him. Swara says Atharv has attacked me. Kalyani requests that he come clean. Malhar comes there and takes Moksh from the bed. Moksh picks the chit concealed under the pad. Malhar insults Kalyani and says Swara that she can denounce her for beating her. Swara views at Moksh as Malhar takes him.

Precap: Kalyani sees Swara and Radhe’s marriage pic and races to illuminate Malhar.


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