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My Heart Knows Tuesday 7th December 2021:The episode began with Malhar asking Pallavi what did he do here? Pallavi said that he came to naamkaran the baby to be his aatya. Kalyani asks what? Anupriya who disguised from a cook shouted the Pallavi name. Kalyani will be tense. He asks how you tell this cheap thing? Pallavi says you are here.

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Anupriya said I knew that you would do something so I came. He asked him to give a baby to him. Aao Saheb smiled. Pallavi said he would do naamkaran babies. Malhar asked him to tell clearly. Pallavi said that Sampada and Atharv this relationship was after her marriage to you and that this was why she was sure Atharv to marry a run, and said what the proof was that this baby belonged to you and said she was sure that this baby was Atharv. Malhar was angry and raised his hand on him, but stopped himself.

He asked him not to force him to forget the relationship and said this couldn’t happen. Anupriya shouted and asked why he did this. Aparna said this baby was Malhar and Sampada and I knew my baby. Pallavi said I would name this baby as Siddharth and said Atharv wanted a baby name to become Siddharth. Malhar was surprised and the eyes were glazed. Aao Saheb smiled and commemorated to hear their conversation. A fb is displayed, Aao Saheb hears them and asks Pallavi to do the baby’s naamaran and his name Siddharth, etc. Pallavi said Atharv didn’t tell me this. Saheb Aao asked him to do what he said.

Looks at Malhar in Kalyani. Aao Saheb grinned and considered all the villagers to laugh at you and you would think Kalyani knew that this baby was Atharv than before. Kalyani took a baby from Pallavi and asked him to stop lying. Pallavi asks what is proof that this baby is Malhar? Malhar cries. Kalyani asks her not to come in the conversation and say Billu is your child. Malhar said Siddharth. Kalyani said I really didn’t know that Atharv wanted the baby’s name as Siddharth. Anupriya said Pallavi wanted to make you hesitant about babies. Pallavi said the truth would not change and this baby was an old child of Atharv and Sampada.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 7th December 2021:Kalyani shouted and asked him to stop. He said how you could say the cheap words and said I knew this baby was Malhar, and no doubt. He tells Malhar that baby is like him. Malhar turned out to his face. Baby crying. Aparna asked Malhar not to trust Pallavi.

Kalyani said I knew what Billu was in your life and said he was your life. He said how you could think of this and said he was your child. Malhar cries. Kalyani asked him to see him once. Sad drama song … ..dil blow drama style … … Kalyani asks guests to leave and say this function is over. Malhar came out and cried. Anupriya said Malhar the Pallavi lying to make you doubt and say how you can doubt, and say he is your child. Malhar asked why Kalyani took the name that Atharv wanted her baby’s name. Anupriya said we did not help Sampada and Atharv. Malhar asked him to move from the road and leave.

Kalyani asked Pallavi why she did this and had hostility with a small baby. Pallavi said I would do naamkaran and try a baby to seize the baby from him. Aparna said Pallavi that he would kill him today. Kalyani stopped at him. Aparna blamed him to help them to marry.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 7th December 2021:Kalyani said she didn’t help them. Aparna and Pallavi fight. Anupriya cried and said Kalyani who Malhar was trusted Pallavi and thought we both knew this truth. He said it was Aao Saheb and the Pallavi conspiracy, I heard them talking to my ears and said that he did not know that they would bend low. He said he couldn’t sto

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