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My Heart Knows update Monday 9th May 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Malhar taking a gander at Mastani Bai who is holding Kalyani in her/his hand. He doesn’t perceive Atharv and asks who are you? You are from lal gali and asks from where did you get my better half. Mastani Bai tells that she has brought his better half, yet additionally an uplifting news. He requests nek. Malhar gives the cash. Mastani Bai says you will be father soon and very soon kilkari will be heard here.

Malhar asks her not to lie and says on the off chance that you need, I will give more cash. Mastani Bai says she never lies and tells that Malhar’s better half is pregnant. Madhav asks what? Mastani Bai requests that Malhar handle his better half. Pallavi says kinnars never lie. Mastani Bai requests that Kalyani open her eyes and tell everybody. He keeps his hand on her stomach and presses a little. Kalyani says my child… .Atharv requests that he deal with his significant other and her child. Malhar tells that he don’t accept on this garbage and tells that she should discuss her child Moksh. He takes her to the production line and sprinkles water all over. Mastani Bai comes inside and requests that he come to massage parlor sometime in the not so distant future, says he will demonstrate that she is having two lives.

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My Heart Knows update Monday 9th May 2022 Zee World: Malhar requests that Mastani Bai leave and says I have previously given you shagun and requests that he go. He lets Madhav know that he will take Kalyani to specialist. Mastani Bai keeps hand all over. Malhar holds his hand to stop him. Mastani Bai says on the off chance that you hear from specialist, you could trust me. Malhar says I am not taking her to specialist as she is pregnant, but since she is unwell. Kalyani acquires awareness. She sees report in Mastani Bai’s grip. Mastani Bai requests that Kalyani say on the off chance that she will be mother or not. Malhar requests that she go else he needs to compel him to go. Mastani Bai takes steps to revile Malhar severely that he will atone all life. He tells that kinnar’s revile is extremely perilous. Malhar asks what do you imagine that I will be terrified. Kalyani takes a gander at the report in Mastani bai’s grasp.

Malhar requests that Swara take Kalyani inside. Mastani Bai says I have taken your significant other to Doctor with my cash and inquires as to whether he needs to see the report. Malhar says I would rather not see. Mastani bai says she won’t get rest while drawing out reality. Malhar says it is a cutoff and requests that Pawar take her out. Mastani Bai cautions Malhar and says in the event that you have gun, I have revile, the two of them kill individuals. He opens the report. Malhar tells that Kalyani can’t be pregnant and says I know this. Kalyani gets up and grabs report from Mastani Bai’s hand.

She lets Malhar know that she is pregnant and going to be a mother. Everybody gets stunned. Mastani Bai says your better half’s eyes is uncovering everything obviously. Malhar asks what are you talking about? He inquires as to why you are lying and tells that they didn’t have anything between them. He inquires as to why you are lying. Kalyani says I am not lying and is pregnant without a doubt.

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Kalyani lets him know that the child is of Rachit and not yours. Everybody opens their mouth in shock and mistrust. Malhar is likewise stunned. Kalyani says this is Rachit’s child in my stomach. Mastani Bai tells that bloom is bloomed in another person’s grass, revile is satisfied without I gave. Malhar and others check out at Kalyani in dismay. Kalyani figures I can’t come clean with you because of the report, says such Moksh’s reality is relied upon this child. Pallavi chastens Kalyani for darkening her face with Rachit, says you had said that your marriage with Rachit was phony. Malhar chastens Pallavi and asks what you are doing. The laborers tattle about Kalyani and Rachit. Malhar requests that they go.

Kalyani comes to her room and cries. She thinks I need to conceal this report from Malhar ji and need to ensure that he never gets this report. She asks Bappa for what good reason he places what is going on, says my malhar ji probably felt extremely awful and cries. She remembers to conceal the report, figures she can’t conceal it in the cabinet. She opens the pantry and remembers to conceal it there, so Malhar never tracks down it. She keeps it in the pantry, yet it tumbles down. Malhar comes inside and sees her sitting behind the recliner. She conceals the report underneath the mat. Malhar checks her out

. My Heart Knows update Monday 9th May 2022 Zee World: She gets up and pours water on her head. Malhar asks her not to stress and tells that he is with her. He asks what is her weakness. Kalyani says I am not lying and this child is of Rachit. She says I swear on Billu that I am pregnant. Malhar checks out at her in dismay and shock. Kalyani says I can grasp that what you are thinking at present, you are seriously harmed, however trust me that I can’t imagine harming your heart even in my fantasies. She says I can’t deny that I am pregnant. Malhar cries.

Precap: Madhav requests that Kalyani cut short her child. Malhar asks the specialist for what good reason did Kalyani come to the emergency clinic. Specialist says she saw no understanding with this name. Malhar requests that Constable take the specialist out. He really takes a look at the records.


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