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My Heart Knows update Saturday 7th May 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Malhar checking the red water and says it isn’t blood. Malhar says I was telling this to bahu, yet she was frightened and went somebody. Pallavi says don’t have any idea who has done this. Atharv thinks it is great that Kalyani is frightened, presently she will mislead Malhar that she is pregnant with Rachit’s child. Kalyani goes close to the well and feels wooziness. She goes close to the well and steps on the rope. The container tumbles down on the ground and she sees red variety water. She thinks it is blood and thinks Rachit has tossed somebody’s body in this well. She peers inside and tracks down the water red. She reviews Rachit’s danger (Actually Atharv’s danger) and gets some information about the child. She goes to the posterior of the house and tracks down cabinet there.

She figures what may be inside it, how could it come here? She opens the cabinet and a dead body emerges from it. She yells and views it as Rachit’s singed dead body enveloped by a plastic cover. Malhar comes out and calls Kalyani. He finds the red water flown out from the pail close to the well. He gets strained and checks inside the well, yet couldn’t track down anybody there. Kalyani yells Malhar ji… Malhar runs rear and sees the dead body. He says Rachit. Atharv comes there and says this is Rachit’s dead body. Malhar checks Atharv out. Swara likewise checks him out. Aao Saheb and Pallavi come there with Madhav. Aao Saheb and others keep material on their nose.

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My Heart Knows update Saturday 7th May 2022 Zee World; Atharv says baba..how did Rachit’s dead body is here, when Nani had shot him there. He supposes in the event that Kalyani saw this dead body, how it came here. He asks will I bring Aai here and goes from that point. Pallavi calls Kalyani and look through her. Riddhi watches Sa Re Ga Ma… ..She says she will watch it without a doubt. Pallavi comes there and calls Kalyani. Riddhi says she will make her baba’s name renowned and asks when baba and Maai will be back. Pallavi says don’t have the foggiest idea and searches Kalyani.

Malhar calls Pawar and the measurable master there. The neighbors assemble there and tattle. Malhar requests that measurable master check for the fingerprints. The picture taker takes the pics. Police group takes the body for after death. Malhar remembers to arrive at reality and thinks somebody is playing a major event. Somebody comes to the clinic and changes Anupriya’s medication and gives cash to the attendant. Nurture concurs. Atharv asks his man how the pantry came there. His man tells that he had stowed away it there figuring no one will see. Atharv says no issue and embraces him.

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He goes after the thug over and again with edges and requests that the other hooligan put salt on his injuries. He says one slip-up is yours and other is mine. He gets back home and goes about as a kid. He calls Kalyani. Mailman comes there and inquires as to whether there is some senior at home. Atharv inquires as to whether he can’t see him and grabs report from his hand. He really takes a look at the report and says in the event that Malhar sees this report, thinks Kalyani is having a misfortune. Swara comes there and asks where did he go? Atharv says I was chilling and looking through Aai.

My Heart Knows update Saturday 7th May 2022 Zee World: A few women have abducted Kalyani and taking her some place. One of the woman considers Mastani bai and tells that they have brought the young lady and reached lal gali quite recently. Mastani bai is shown. Kalyani is taken into Mastani Bai’s whorehouse while she is oblivious. A woman requests that another woman spit the paan as Mastani Bai is coming. Individuals on the way welcomes Mastani Bai. Kalyani takes Aai’s name while cognizant and says that dead body. A woman comes there and tells that Mastani Bai is coming. Mastani Bai comes inside and signs every one of the women to go out. Kalyani takes Malhar’s name in oblivious state and says that dead body. Mastani Bai plunks down close to Kalyani and checks Kalyani out.

Precap: Kalyani tumbles down. Specialist is seen remaining there. Mastani Bai takes Kalyani out. Malhar doesn’t see Kalyani.


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