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My Heart Knows Wednesday 12th January 2022: The Episode begins with Pawar let Malhar know that it is great that Maayi allowed to them to do truth serum test. Malhar says I can’t do test on Anupriya as her condition can decay and tells that he is dicey with regards to Kalyani, yet he can’t rehash test on her. Pawar says you haven’t changed. Malhar tells that he is certain that kalyani and Anupriya will take him to Sampada. Pawar lets him know that he saw Vivek taking a few papers from Divekar and was arguing infront of him. He says Divekar has a police record and isn’t great. Malhar says Pallavi and Vivek were taking Maayi to Mumbai to sell her kidney and expresses what may be the Divekar’s matter in this, I need to find about the papers.

Anupriya awakens in the evening and thinks to actually look at Pallavi’s portable, despite the fact that she feels it is awful to peep in somebody’s versatile. She takes her versatile and checks. All of a sudden Pallavi turns in rest. Anupriya holds the telephone back and thinks there is no call out to with Sampada and Atharv. Kalyani is outside Aparna’s room and sees somebody climbing Aao Saheb’s window divider. She beats the man and requests that he show his face, and tells that her significant other is ACP Malhar Rane. Malhar is in the cover while his face covered. Aao Saheb and others come there and asks what was the deal? Kalyani says some criminal came here.

Malhar returns home and eliminates the cover. Kalyani comes and acclaims herself. She tells that she kicks the criminal and he fell exceptionally far. Malhar explains to that is the reason the cover didn’t take it off his face. He shuts the entryway. Kalyani understands that he was the hoodlum and inquires as to for what reason did he go to take when he has such a lot of progress. Malhar tells her that he went to enquire about Vivek and Pallavi as the previous met Divekar and took a few papers.

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My Heart Knows Wednesday 12th January 2022: Kalyani says you actually focuses on Aai. He tells that his shoulder and back is tormenting. Kalyani offers to apply ointment, however he declines. He was unable to apply salve or treatment on his back and puts it close to Kalyani. Kalyani applies it on his shoulder. He feels agony and holds her hand. Kalyani blows on the impacted side. Malhar wears his shirt completely.

Kalyani gives her PC to Godaveri for studies and requests that she conceal it before Aao Saheb sees it. Anupriya inquires as to whether she track down anything in Aparna’s portable. Kalyani says no, she didn’t check. Anupriya tells that she was unable to track down anything in Pallavi’s versatile. A lady comes to Ahilya nivas from govt and gets some information about the individuals in the family. Ahilya says there are only 7 individuals. Lady asks where is Malhar Deshmukh. Kalyani snickers. Malhar says the name will be changed in a month. He comes to room and asks kalyani how dare is she to giggle at him. He feels torment in his shoulder. Aparna sees that and figures she won’t let kalyani grab her girl’s better half and says she will make place for Sampada in the house. She takes the papers from the record hearing it is classified. Malhar converses with telephone, take the record and goes. Aparna comes to Kalyani and says garbage man vehicle is outside. She requests that she toss it.

Kalyani goes out to toss it and gives it to the garbage man vehicle. Aparna expresses what you have done kalyani, you have tossed Malhar’s significant papers. Anupriya gets one of the paper and attempts to understand it. She says significant reports. Kalyani gets glad hearing Anupriya saying those words. Anupriya inquires as to whether she feels embarrassed about her English. Kalyani requests that she say and gets cheerful when she says it. She embraces her joyfully.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 12th January 2022: Anupriya asks did you get anything in Aparna’s portable. Kalyani says no. Anupriya says Pallavi should have that PCO bill and says when she goes out, I will look through that bill. She says when you were tossing the trash, this paper tumbled down. Kalyani checks it and thinks it is by all accounts Malhar’s significant report and thinks where are different papers. She thinks on the off chance that it went in the garbage. She runs. Anupriya peruses significant archive. Aao Saheb hears her and sees her sitting on her swing and taps vigorously on her shoulder. Anupriya says sorry. Aao Saheb pushes the swing and damages her. She asks what she was perusing and requests that she sit. She requests that she reply from where she learnt English.

Kalyani sits in the garbage man vehicle and searches the papers. Malhar comes there and thinks a young lady is looking through food in the trash and offers her cash.


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