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These Streets Wednesday 15 2021
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My Heart Knows Wednesday 15th December 2021: The episode begins with Kalyani find files Moksh. He read that a baby should avoid outside and needed milk for breast milk or IV saline. Kalyani think Malhar has been hiding this from me and thought he spoke with Swati Mausi about this. He thought to tell Anupriya and accept his opinion. He called him. Anupriya told him about the problem, the first lecture and then Saheb AAO needs to have money, they have to sell the house. Kalyani see the money in the drawer of a doctor.

Malhar asked Lady connectable to find out if there was a woman who could feed her son. The woman said I’ll tell you. DCP come and congratulate Malhar to capture terrorists in the mall. The doctor came there and said that there was a theft at the hospital. Malhar asked the police to write a report and say we are going to catch a thief. The doctor said I was carrying burglar with myself. The nurse brings Kalyani. The doctor says he’s trying to steal my cabin. Malhar says Kalyani. FB is displayed, doctors and nurses come into the cabin and see Kalyani. DCP said he should be with the gang and asked her if he steals Kalyani. Kalyani said that my husband did not want to do this, I had to steal for my needs.

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My Heart Knows Wednesday 15th December 2021: Malhar to think about the conversation Anupriya and Aao Saheb. Police think she was the wife of malhars. DCP ask Kalyani to tell her about her husband’s name. Kalyani viewed Malhar and tense. Malhar angry and beat her wand. He told the DCP that he is her husband. DCP ask Malhar wife …. You are criminals and say how people will expect law and order from you. Malhar asked the police to release the lock. He put in a key Kalyani. DCP said that if a complaint is registered in your wife’s name then your campaign will stop. Malhar say let it be. DCP say I do not want your campaign to stop and leave Kalyani. She asked him not be ashamed Malhar again. Kalyani cry.

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Malhar asked where tears when he stole. He locked the chain to bind his hands and jeep. Kalyani ask what are you doing? Malhar say I’m doing this with criminals. He started the jeep. Kalyani ran behind the jeep pulled by chains. Malhar to say I will punish you so that you will always remember this. He stopped the jeep and said, I know very well, which makes this theft and said I know Maayi need the money and he asked you to steal the money. He said you can fool me once, but again and again. Kalyani said Anupriya not talk to him. Malhar say I understand during a bomb blast. She said I would punish Anupriya and tell Kalyani that she was not surprised to see him steal the money.

Atharv and Sampada was in the car. Sampada say we have become a thief. Atharv say I do not get what job to do. She asked him to do what he said. A woman sitting in their cars. They tried to steal her purse and threatened them. The woman was spray pepper spray in their faces and fled. Atharv Sampada asked why she could not hold her properly and scold. Sampada wearing his decision to go with him. Atharv asked him to sit down and they go.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 15th December 2021: AAO Saheb spoke with the relative and ask for a loan 40000. Relatively refusing to give loans. AAO SAHEB said no one is ready to give a loan and asked if I would be the mortgage itself. When the electricity goes, Pallavi come and say that they do not have electricity and water, but there is on the home side Malhar. AAO SAHEB think if it’s done Malhar. Malhar hurt and make bricks Kalyani heavy stone on his feet. Anupriya came and asked if Billu fine. He was surprised to see the brick stone at his feet. He asked Malhar why he behaves this way with Kalyani and asked him to make a move brick stones from his feet. Aao Saheb came over and asked what was happening in my house. Malhar to remind him that this is his home, and he could do whatever he wanted, and tell

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