My Heart Knows Wednesday 17th November 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Wednesday 17th November 2021 Zee world
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My Heart Knows Wednesday 17th November 2021 Zee world: episode begins with Malhar and Kalyani were in the restaurant. The waitress asked if he would bring the same order and ask about Sampada. Kalyani see. The waiter said you were a sister Sampada, and has come up before. FB is displayed, the waiter said that he would bring Sampada favorite things. Sampada says he will buy dupattas for himself. Malhar be romantic.

Kalyani said you make me jealous and said do not know when someone came in my life. Fb ended. Malhar throw things on the table and out. He questioned the Lord asked him why he did this to her and told her how good death and suffocation to me all life. Kalyani came out and sat in the Jeep. They reached Mumbai. Malhar asked him to come down from the jeep. Kalyani said that I think we will go together after your job ends. Malhar saying you went alone to shop. Baby crying.

Kalyani said we would go to the mall now and tell Malhar that if he did not like the clothes he was carrying. Malhar scoffed again. He said I’ll come to pick you up within 2 hours. He got out of the jeep and into the mall. He was thinking of calling Anupriya. Anupriya Vivek was in the car. Kalyani call. Anupriya ask where are you? Kalyani said that we are in Mumbai. Anupriya ask where? He says he also came up with Vivek. Kalyani asked him to come to the mall and let you know the address.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 17th November 2021 Zee world: Anupriya asked where Malhar? Kalyani said he was angry when the waitress talking about Sampada and leave me here. Anupriya asked if he was okay? Kalyani said I understand suasannya swing now. Anupriya said that she would come to him and told him about the bad days. Kalyani asked if he was 100 days Madhuri movie.

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Anupriya to say that he will come to it by making excuses. Kalyani said there was nothing wrong happens to me and asked to come there in peace. Atharv and Sampada were at the mall, which was very nice of Singh and the old woman. He said that just as you take all things, I will act for a heart attack, you take all the goods and leave immediately.

Kalyani take selfies with baby and see photos Sampada. He thought some old woman has destroyed their photos. He says this is good background and taking selfie again with a baby, this time Atharv come in pic. Atharv make employees busy mall while Sampada stealing things and continue in her saree. He signed them. She says they will see all the goods and then decide.

Sampada runs behind and will collide with Kalyani. He saw a baby and become emotional. Sampada holding baby bracelet. Kalyani turned to him and see his face, but do not recognize it. Sampada surprised to see Kalyani. Kalyani said you laughed at his aunt and asked her to greet aunt.

He asks if you would take the baby. Sampada say yes and kiss babies. Babies laugh. Employees come and show her baby clothes. Sampada fled with the baby. Kalyani shocked and think where he’s going? Kalyani search for the baby. Sampada still in the mall. Anupriya tell Vivek that she brought Taar of Mangaldas Mall. Vivek said I will not come and ask him to restore himself. Anupriya said OK and senses Kalyani in danger.

Atharv bring Sampada to the side and asked him if he was crazy? Sampada say this is my baby. Atharv say I have seen. He says Kalyani was looking for her baby. He said it was your decision to leave the baby and asked her to come out of there. He says Malhar also have to be here. They will go with the baby when Kalyani yelling at their request to stop. Sampada and Atharv looks surprised.

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My Heart Knows Wednesday 17th November 2021 Zee world: Kalyani operate with them and took the baby from her. Sampada say no. Kalyani baby hug and asked how dare you steal her baby. He says I’m going to call the police and posted about you on social media. She called everyone in the mall and will tell you about them, but Atharv act as an elderly man and cook false story. He said that the condition was poor Aunt and folding his hands asked him not to call the police. Kalyani said you would not go



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