My Heart knows Wednesday 5th January 2022 Zee World

Mismatched Update Saturday 29th January 2022
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My Heart knows Wednesday 5th January 2022: The Episode begins with Kalyani appealing to God and says she needs a soul mate for Aai who upholds her and be with her all life. She envisions in Anupriya in wedding clothing and grinning. She lets Anupriya know that bappa and she has done setting. She reminds Aao Saheb what had occurred on Maaghi Ganapati and says I am Bappa’s top choice. She sees Malhar and tells sorry, and says I came to this side, and says you can rebuff me later I come there. he comes to her and requests that he rebuff her. Malhar asks how often, you went to that side, I will give discipline out and out. Aparna says I recall how frequently, she went. Kalyani envisions Anupriya as lady and grins. Everybody takes a gander at her shockingly. Kalyani says I will do this. Rao Saheb says who will tell that Kalyani isn’t Anupriya’s little girl. He says initially, I used to believe that Atul disappeared from home on account of her, later I understood she didn’t do any slip-up and bearing the aggravation, and that is the reason she got cherishing girl like Kalyani by God. Vivek says for what reason did she prevent Anupriya from wearing the mangalsutra. Rao Saheb tells that Kalyani did right and says both mum and little girl’s predetermination is same. He says Anupriya isn’t having spouse, yet Kalyani have husband, however don’t have his adoration. He trusts Malhar and Kalyani’s connection improve. Vivek says Malhar is inconsiderate with Kalyani and tells that he don’t figure their connection will improve. Rao Saheb says Ahilya and his connection was unpleasant previously, then, at that point, he began loving her. Malhar hears them.

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My Heart knows Wednesday 5th January 2022: Kalyani sees the men profile on the marriage site and observe that they need autonomous lady. She says why they are showing 25 years of folks and says she will look through locater from 35-40. Malhar comes there. kalyani shuts the PC seeing him. Malhar reviews what Rao Saheb advised and demands to eat frozen yogurt from her bowl. He eats it. Kalyani applies lotion. Malhar requests it and applies on his hand. Kalyani is astounded and goes. He wheezes and asks who keeps such smell lotion. He thinks to think something to keep her glad. Pallavi requests that Anupriya go to convey the sarees. Anupriya says she won’t go. Pallavi tells her that she will whine to Aao Saheb and says there is no petroleum. Anupriya says Aao Saheb got the petroleum filled. Atharv says I took out it for my vehicle. Anupriya says hoodlum doesn’t end his propensity. Kalyani comes on cycle and makes Atharv tumble down. She requests that Anupriya go on cycle.

Anupriya sits on cycle. Kalyani requests that she ride the bike all alone and says you have become autonomous as though malhar gets moved then she needs to go from here. Anupriya asks her not to tell that. She thinks to make her free. Malhar lets Moksh know that kalyani kept the lights and fans open. He sees PC open and sees a person’s profile. He thinks why she is actually taking a look at marital site and is stunned. He thinks he had thought to mellow towards her, and today this thing occurred. He attempts to seek hot fume treatment to dispose of his virus. Kalyani comes and sees move papers. She gets inside the fabric and inquires as to whether he is getting moved. Malhar says I need to go from here with Moksh. Kalyani says I need to get Aai’s… Malhar says I realize that you need to remain with Maai. He requests that she disappear from that point. Kalyani thinks to get Anupriya hitched prior to going from that point. She goes from the room. Malhar thinks Kalyani is in the room and tells that he feels she will be with Maayi, and requests that she complete her studies and start another life, not with a trade off. Anupriya loads the sarees and leave on the cycle. Kalyani gets cheerful seeing her moving.

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My Heart knows Wednesday 5th January 2022: Sampada sees somebody bringing bouquet and tells that Atharv is so heartfelt and brought red roses bouquet for her. Messenger fellow inquires as to whether she is Kalyani Deshmukh. Malhar signs and takes the messenger. Atharv says she is 18 years of age and her beau probably sent it. He flips a coin. Malhar gets dismal. Atharv says this implies she has a sweetheart and says why ladies are not content with you. Malhar requests that he avoid his life, else he will not be cheerful. He requests that he keep his coin and says your waste coin can’t be utilized here. Atharv says I have your thing with me and requests that he take it, and says Sampada. Malhar goes to Atharv. Atharv snickers and asks did you figure I will return Sampada and requests that she bring the check. Malhar asks which check. Atharv says this is the check and the sum with interest which they have taken from him. He lets Sampada know that they will tap the pic else he will tell that they have no returned his cash. Sampada taps the pic. Malhar requests that Atharv hold the bouquet and tears the check. Atharv requests that he take the red roses which his second spouse’s bouquet sent. Malhar expresses gratitude toward him. Sampada giggles. Anupriya feels frightened and figures the reason why she didn’t take her with her. She slams into a vehicle and tumbles down. A moderately aged person gets down from the vehicle. Kalyani is behind Anupriya and yells Aai.

Precap: Pandit calls Malhar telling Kalyani inquired as to whether the kundali which she allowed have the second marriage in the kundali. Atharv lets Sampada know that he had sent that bouquet to kalyani. Malhar arrives at school questioning Kalyani.


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