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My Heart Knows Wednesday 6th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Malhar coming external the house. Sarthak comes to him and tells that you are harmed due to Aahir and feeling embarrassed towards Kalyani. He says it isn’t all in all correct to leave Kalyani and realizes that you love her. Malhar says something isn’t correct and even you know this. He says why Radhe said that he has risk to his life from you. Sarthak says I don’t have the foggiest idea who is Radhe and why he took my name. Malhar says your eyes and tongue are not supporting one another.

He says I need to settle this matter today. He sits in the jeep while Moksh is resting on his lap and requests that constable beginning driving. He comes to the Police station. Pawar lets him know that a woman needs to record grumbling. The woman tells that she will not objection about her significant other to the Inspector who had beaten his better half. Malhar requests that Pawar compose his grumbling. He gets some information about the case. Pawar says we will find soon in the event that Sarthak was in Solahpur or not. Kalyani comes there.

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Moksh grins seeing her. Kalyani calls Malhar and comes to his lodge. She asks how could you imagine that you and your family are not reasonable for me. She says even I am wounded by Aahir’s doings, yet how might you say that, in the event that your family isn’t mine.

Malhar says my family’s liability is troubled on you and that is the reason I liberated you from this weight. Kalyani gets stunned and says never. She says you can’t grab my privileges from me and says you can’t grab my obligation towards my loved ones. Moksh calls her Mamma.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 6th April 2022 Zee World: Kalyani requests that Malhar return her mangalsutra to her. Malhar says it is a decoration of hitched lady as she confides in her significant other, yet you have no faith in me and I resemble a trash container for you. Kalyani is profoundly stung. Moksh asks what you will do by wearing this mangsultra whose worth resembles a trash container, you will be glad that you don’t need to wear it. Kalyani says in the event that you imagine that mangalsutra’s worth is comparable to trash, its alright. She says on the off chance that you feel that I don’t regard you and wears trash container in her neck, saying it will be in her neck as the marriage decoration.

Malhar says I said right, I am not appropriate for you, everytime you are correct and I am off-base and requests that she say. Kalyani requests that he think her discussions wrong and says I won’t utter a word now. She cries. Moksh places the brush and the pic in the trash container. Kalyani says I will close my mouth and won’t utter a word to you. She attaches fabric to her mouth. Malhar says it is enough of your theatrics, simply go from here. Kalyani gestures no. Malhar takes the fabric out from the mouth and requests that she leave.

Malhar says Moksh will remain with Baba, his Aai will be careful and he will accompany baba. Kalyani cries. She goes out and tosses the trash container indignantly. She tracks down the fallen pic from it and attempts to pick it. weighty breeze comes and the pic takes off. Kalyani figures out how to pick it and tracks down Radhe Shyam and Swara’s marriage pic. She gets stunned and says Swara is hitched. She observes a brush there and figures how does his pic and brush came in this sack. She calls Malhar.

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Pawar tells Malhar that Sarthak was in Solahpur that day. Malhar says why did he will know nothing. He asks pawar to find out and sit in the jeep with Moksh. He figures the reason why did Kaka deceived him. Kalyani are racing to come there and requests that Malhar stop. She calls him, however the jeep is now gone. She calls him, however he dismisses her call. She calls him once more, he dismisses her call once more. Pawar inquires as to whether all is great. Kalyani figures I can’t inform anybody prior to telling Malhar concerning Swara and Radhe. She tells that she observed a brush and it very well may be the confirmation of 26th july. He says it has not many string strands and can finish DNA test. He takes the brush.

Sarthak asks Anupriya where is she going? Anupriya says my bail 14 days are finished and I will give up to Police. Sarthak says you are not go anyplace. Aao Saheb says Radhe had said that he has risk to his life from Sarthak why you are accusing yourself. Madhav asks what do you mean and says we can’t fault our sibling as blameworthy trusting somebody and asks who was that Radhe? Kalyani looks on. Pawar tells Malhar that DNA report came and that saree clad man was Radhe, whose skeleton was found.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that MHBoss number plate was of Kaka. Rao Saheb tells that they have captured the technician who made that number plate. Malhar asks whose number plate was it? Rao says it was of Sarthak. Kalyani requests that Sarthak say reality. Asawari asks do you imagine that he can kill anybody. Aao Saheb says that man was taking Sarthak’s name and says he probably killed him. Asawari asks Kalyani for what reason is she accusing Sarthak. Kalyani holds Sarthak’s hand and requests that he say.

My Heart Knows Wednesday 6th April 2022 Zee World: Madhav attempts to take Sarthak inside and holds his other hand to drag him. Sarthak jerks them and Kalyani tumbles down. Madhav cautions Kalyani and says in the event that you approach my sibling, I will and is going to hit Kalyani with a bar. Anupriya safeguards Kalyani. Sarthak holds the bar and tells that he has killed Radhe, I am the killer. Malhar comes there and hears his admission. Sarthak sits and cries.

Precap: Swara in white saree carries hatchet to kill Sarthak. Kalyani comes in the middle and gets cut. Everybody is shcoked.


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