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Naagin 3 December 2021 Teasers

Naagin 3 On eExtra Tuesday 18th January 2022 Update
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Naagin 3 December 2021 Teasers:Bela is helpless after Vish and Mahir find themselves in Sumitra’s captivity. She manages to get the Naagmani but is soon cornered by Sumitra and her allies.

Thursday 2nd December 2021

Naagmani missing and the guards reveal to her that Vish stole it from them.

Friday 3rd December 2021
Sumitra is don’t believe the news about Vish’s spirit seeking revenge on them and believes it to be Bela’s plan. But her doubts are erased when she falls under a trap set by Vish.

Monday 6th December 2021
Sumitra may have survived the first trap laid by Vish, but she falls prey to the next masterstroke delivered by the trio of Vish, Bela and Vikrant.

Tuesday 7th December 2021

Before Bela could finish Sumitra off, Yuvraj arrives with Mahir as his captive. In a bid to save Mahir’s life, Bela gives the Naagmani to Mahir and pushes him off the cliff and into Naaglok.

Wednesday 8th December 2021
Mahir regains his memory after surviving in the Naaglok and returns home. His emotional reunion with Bela is made even sweeter when she confesses her feelings for him.

Thursday 9th December 2021
Bela visits the Naaglok and safely returns the Naagmani to the Lord Shiva idol. Meanwhile, Sumitra confronts Mahir and tortures him to find out the location of the Naagmani.

Friday 10th December 2021
When Bela fails to save Mahir from being incinerated, she falls unconscious from the shock and pain. She is abducted by mysterious hooded figures who question her about the Naagmani and threaten to kill her.

Monday 13th December 2021
Bela survives the hooded goons’ attack, thanks to her mysterious rescuer. But when she finally meets this person, she is left absolutely stunned because he looks exactly like Mahir.

Tuesday 14th December 2021
Huzoor claims that Bela doesn’t deserve to be the Naagrani and nominates herself for the position. Everyone including Bela is shocked when Huzoor identifies herself as Ruhi. Bela claims that Huzoor can’t be Ruhi as Bela herself is Ruhi.

Wednesday 15th December 2021
Huzoor convinces everyone that she is the real Ruhi and dethrones Bela to become the new Naagrani of the Naaglok. She lands another massive blow to Bela by coming together with Mahir and deciding to marry him.

Thursday 16th December 2021
To stop Huzoor from marrying Mahir, Bela challenges her to a duel. Huzoor accepts the challenge and an intense fight ensues between the two.

Friday 17th December 2021
After failing to uncover Ruhi’s true intentions, Bela decides to take a drastic step.

Monday 20th December 2021
After learning that Ruhi is marrying Mahir, Bela comes up with a clever plan of her own. On the day of the wedding, she brings a mysterious lookalike of Mahir in an attempt to confuse Ruhi and ruin her sinister plan.

Tuesday 21st December 2021
Juhi impersonates Mahir and learns about Ruhi’s new strategy against Bela. This sinister plan involves destroying Bela’s shape shifting abilities with the help of a toxic potion.

Wednesday 22nd December 2021
After failing to uncover Ruhi’s true intentions, Bela decides to take a drastic step.

Thursday 23rd December 2021
Despite Vish and Vikrant’s resistance, Hukum captures Bela and inches closer towards making her bear his child. She manages to escape from his clutches, but Hukum is in her pursuit with all his might.

Friday 24th December 2021
Ritvik’s behavior and over-friendly attitudes irk Bela, and she wonders if he is Hukum in disguise. Her suspicions are strengthened when she finds out that Ritvik studies paranormal activities.

Monday 27th December 2021
While Hukum reveals his true self to Bela, Vish and Vikrant take Bela’s form and appear in front of him to confuse him. Amidst this, he assumes Vish to be the real Bela and takes her captive.

Tuesday 28th December 2021
Vish informs Bela that Sumitra has summoned a doctor to check the authenticity of Bela’s pregnancy.
Wednesday 29th December 2021
Bela tries her best to hide the fact that Vish has conceived Hukum’s child. The unborn child, on the other hand, starts to take control of Vish. Fearing that Vikrant will harm her baby, Vish kills him by slitting his throat.

Thursday 30th December 2021
Based on Aghori Baba’s instructions, Bela takes Hukum’s newborn baby with her. But little does she know that Hukum is waiting with a sinister plan to get back his child once and for all.

Friday 31st December 2021
To free Vish’s child from the grasp of evil, Bela must perform a ritual before sundown. However, Sumitra in the guise of Vish manages to not only stop Bela but also takes the child away from her.
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