Naagin 3 On eExtra Tuesday 18th January 2022 Update

Naagin 3 On eExtra Tuesday 18th January 2022 Update
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Naagin 3 On eExtra Tuesday 18th January 2022 Update: The Episode begins with Vikrant requesting that Vish join Bela and Mahir and tells that he will hang tight for her, and expectations God don’t send him to Pataal/hellfire. Vish says you did nothing off-base. Vikrant kicks the bucket. Vish cries and yells his name. She requests that he hang tight for her there itself and kisses him. She goes from that point. Bela/Shravani arrives at the sanctuary. A bird is shown. She trusts Mahir is protected and she didn’t get late. The bird comes and sits on her hand. She makes the bird fly. The bird contacts Mahir’s back and he gets back his spirit and tumbles down.

A few snake men come infront of Shravani and requests that she go. bela says she is Naagrani and needs to make the naagmani revile free. The men transforms into half snake. Bela additionally transforms into snake and battles with the other snake men. Bela says now you probably comprehended my goal and inquires as to whether he will stop her even presently. One of the snake men becomes taller and makes bela tumble down. Bela likewise tumbles down indignantly.

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She becomes 5 headed snake and says I am going inside to look through maha naagrani. The snake man tells that they are paid for not allowing any snake to come inside. Mihir is sticking to the stem of the tree and gets blazes of Mahir and Bela. The snake man nibbles Bela and makes her tumble down. Bela says I will battle with you and won’t acknowledge rout.

Naagin 3 On eExtra Tuesday 18th January 2022 Update: The snake turns out to be exceptionally goliath and swallows Bela. Bela cracks the snake’s stomach and attempts to come out. Mihir tumbles down on the ground and reviews Bela. He imagines that is the reason I was unable to fail to remember my association with her, and says Shravani and Bela was my affection in the past birth and she is an icchadhari naagin.

He thinks to send family and Tanya away from DM, as he reviews Sumitra driving tractor. Bela figures out how to come inside the sanctuary and folds her hand before the God. She says I would rather not go with nothing and says I need to know reality to save this world and individuals, and tells that she needs to get the naagmani get reviled free and requests help. She cries.

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A man seems infront of her and says I realize you need to call Maha naagrani Shivangi. He says Naagrani Shivangi was a customary icchadhari naagin, yet their bhakti made them naagrani, and was help to become maha naagrani till Anand kaal. Bela inquires as to for what reason did her dad and spouse killed her and says individuals call her reviled naagrani and asks where could she be? The man tells that she was gravely double-crossed and says she will come provided that the matter is about somebody’s demise or life.

Bela requests that he help her and tells that the matter is about somebody’s life and passing. The man tells that the haveli is clandestine and requests that she light the Deepak and address the conundrum. He says this is the way to look through Naagrani and says you can head inside, yet it is upto her to meet you or not. She says naagmani will be reviled free with her contact and says you can ask her for what good reason her dad and spouse sold out her. He favors her and vanishes. Bela opens the entryway and gets inside.

Mihir gets back home. Sumitra says I was extremely terrified. Mihir says in the event that I am alive and calls her Sumitra Sehgal. He says I recollect my previous birth and says you have grabbed my beginning and end turning into my mom and grabbed my Bela. He says I won’t allow you to grab anything more from me. He pushes her out. It is his creative mind. He returns home. Sumitra embraces him and cries. Mihir figures I can’t tell her that I know her reality until I send my family to safe spot.

Bela lights the kindling and attempts to move the drapery with her tail, however she was unable to move. She says maha naagrani… you need to come in any conditions. She lights the drape ablaze. Shivangi’s pic is shown. The drapery gets consumed and pulled. Bela says today I will find solutions for every one individuals, not simply Naag lok. She says I will save everybody, regardless of whether I saved. All at once the floor opens and she gets inside.

She sees many snakes there and lets them know that she is naagrani Bela. She tracks down a glittery brilliant book. Shivangi’s story streaks is shown and a voiceover tells that rough killed shivangi with her dad’s assistance and the two of them alive, similar to Maha Naagrani is alive. Bela asks where could they be? All at once book gets shut. Bela sees the entryway shutting and thinks to run out before it closes.

She is running out and about and sees the film debut of Rocky and Rithvik. She thinks debut party is today and assuming I get prevail to take them to haveli then Maha Naagrani may meet me. Bela meets Vish and tells that they killed Vikrant with akhaal mrityu poison. She says he was exceptionally solid. Bela says sorry. Vish says you will not be heartbroken. Bela says she can’t chance her life now. Vish says she won’t leave her regardless of whether she tells her and asks what she found in the haveli. Bela tells about Rocky and Rithvik’s film. Vish says we host to go to the get-together and calls PR Manager Raima.

Mihir is with his family. Kanika and Amber Bua say Shravani saves you. He asks them to simply go to a location which he informed to Mohit. He says this isn’t protected spot for all of you. Samarjeet requests that he accompany them.

Mihir says I can’t come now. Kanika inquires as to whether DM will accompany us. Mihir says you will not tell anybody exceptionally DM. Golden inquires as to whether she did this kand. Mihir says I have booked retreat and taxi. He requests that they take Tanya with them. Kanika and Amber request that he keep Shravani with him. He says she will be with me. They leave.

Mihir comes to the window and sees Bela. He calls her. Kuch is tarha… plays… … He comes to her and holds her hand. Bela asks how would you know. Mahir says from day 1, when I saw you interestingly that there is something between us. Bela says I realize that you are my Mahir. He says you are my Bela. She asks how would you recollect? Mahir says I remembered everything while at the same time sticking to the tree limbs. He says you saved me that day too. Bela says I was unable to save you that day and says they lost vikrant. Mahir says I conversed with Vishaka.

He says I will tell everything to Tanya and end his commitment with her. Bela says she is an insidious power and asks him not to tell her anything. She says that young lady isn’t Tanya, yet Tamsee, Andhka who has isolated the two of us. She says she is Tamsee. Mahir says that is the reason Sumitra went into his home with her group. Bela says they knew my shortcoming and need me to make the naagmani revile free. Mahir says they did something beneficial, we met as a result of them.

He says you are not quite the same as Bela. She asks how? He holds her closer and says I was off-base, you resemble my Bela, who feels modest with my contact, my heart beat increments. Bela says even you haven’t changed and says when I kiss you, your cheeks become pink. She kisses on his cheeks and they have an embrace. Melody plays… .Mahir and Bela say I love you to one another.

Vish messages Bela. Bela says we are going to a party. She requests that he take his family with him. Mahir says I will accompany you. Bela says you are a human. Mahir says I can help you and won’t leave you. He says gives up. Vish calls her. bela says we are coming. Mahir says I won’t release you alone.

In the party, columnist asks Rocky how can he feel subsequent to becoming maker from financial specialist. He asks what she needs to drink, dangerous, rum or me. Ritvik comes there and lets the journalist know that he will answer her when they are separated from everyone else. Rithvik prods Rocky and alludes himself as his sasur. Rough requests that he talk in low tone and inquires as to whether they will youthful until the end of time. Rithvik says OK. They triumph ultimately.

Vish and Bela come to the party. Vish goes about as a major money manager and tells that her Dad sent her to wrong party. She says she needn’t bother with any business partners. Bela says your arrangement begins with 100 crores.

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Naagin 3 On eExtra Tuesday 18th January 2022 Update: Rithvik and Rocky hear her and think to manage her. Rough comes to her and asks her to asks him what he might want to drink. Rithvik asks bela what she needs to drink. Bela says I don’t drink while working. Bela and Vish tell Rocky and Rithvik that Vish is the greatest land proprietor and Bela is her partner, and Vish is thinking to extend the business.

Naagrani Shivangi comes to save Bela and tells that their intention will not exclusively be vengeance, however be change moreover.


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