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The NABTEB Agric Answers 2022have been outlined here. The National Technical Basic Examination Board (Nabteb) NABTEB Agric Answers 2022 – 24th June 2022 Examination  will hold on Friday 24th June 2022


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The NABTEB Agric Answers 2022 – 24th June 2022 will commence 08:30 hrs. – 11:00 hrs.14:30 hrs. – 16:00 hrs. Below, we will be NABTEB Agric Answers 2022 – 24th June 2022 for candidates that will participate in the examination.

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(i)Poor marketing system:

(Pick Any Two)

(i)Government should buy excess produce from farmers

(ii)Government should stabilize prices of farm produce in the country

(iii)The activities of middlemen who buy produce at cheaper rates and sell at higher prices should be checked.

(iv)Commodity boards should be reestablished to help organize the marketing of agricultural produce.

(ii)Unpredictable climate:

(Pick any Two)

(i)Water conservation techniques such as mulching should be practise

(ii)Teaching peasant farmers new innovations in agriculture

(iii)Planting of cover crops like centrosema spp, calopogonium spp should be practised.



Soil drainage is a process whereby excess water in the soil is removed artificially to promote good farming activities. In order words, drainage is the withdrawal of excess water from the soil while at the same time retaining adequate reserves to carry the crops through the periods of scarcity


(Pick Any Four)

(i) Planting cover crops:Cover crops help to provide shade,prevent erosion and add more nutrient to the soil.

(ii) Mulching the soil: Mulching sandy soil prevents water loss through evaporation and nutrient loss by water erosion.

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iii) Application of compost manure: Application of compost manure helps to bind the sand particles together and also add humus(nutrients) to the soil.

(iv) Application of farm yard manure: This will also improve the structure of the soil as well as add nutrients to the soil.

(v)Avoidance of bush farming: Bush burning promotes soil erosion, kills soil organisms and remove organic matter which can contribute to the fertility of the soil.


(Pick Any Five)

(i)Mineral matter has moderating effects on soil temperature.

(ii)Mineral matter has affects soil porosity.

(iii) It forms the solid part of the soil and provides support for plants.

(iv) It represents the home of habitat of all soil living organisms.

(v) Mineral matter has moderating effects on soil temperature.

(vi)Mineral matter is the main source of plant nutrients such as nitrogen,calcium,magnesium and iron.


(Pick any Four)












Crop improvement is defined as the science that deal with the development of new crop varieties with superior quality and quantity. In other words, crop improvement refers to the ways of developing and breeding of crop varieties which are better than the existing varieties in a number of characters.


(Pick Any Five)

(i)The young forest trees receive direct and indirect attention from the the farmer

(ii)There is the availability of crop produce throughout the year.

(iii)It increase the income of the Farmer

(iv)Where land is scarce ,the farmer has a piece of land to cultivate

(v)When leguminous crops are used, the beneficial effect of root nodules increases soil fertility for the benefit of the forest trees


(i) They reduce the yield of crops

(ii) They can cause total death of crops plants

(iii) They can cause injuries which expose crops to disease attack

(iv) Some are carriers or vectors of diseases

(v) They reduce the quality of produce

(vi) The profits of farmers are reduced


(i) They serve as food for livestock

(ii) They help to reduce the cost of feeding animals

(iii) They serve as cover crops




(Pick Any Three)


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