NABTEB CRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022

Nabteb Economics Answers 2022 - 27th June 2022
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The NABTEB CRS Answers 2022: have been outlined here. The Nabteb Examination board Monday NABTEB CRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022 Examination will hold on Monday 20th June 2022

The NABTEB CRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022 will commence Monday 20th June 2022 Below, we will be NABTEB CRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022 for candidates that will participate in the examination.

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(i)Force labour
(ii) overtaxation
(iii) Marriage of foreign wives
(iv) worship of gods(apostasy)

(i)Peace and unity are necessary for progress
(ii) Every act of sin must be punished

The israelites needed solace in the hand of a new king after their undue suppression under Solomon. At Shechem, Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, presented himself before the elders of Israel to be made king as successor of his father. The people bitterly complained of the burden Imposed on them through the oppressive rule of Solomon and requested him to inform them whether he would lighten their burden
After due consultation with the elders and the youngmen, he rejected the advice of the elders whose advice was to lighten the burden of the people. Rather, he accepted the advice of the young men who advised him to declare increasing burden. The declaration as directed by the young men gave rise to Rebellion and division of the kingdom of Israel into Northern and Southern kingdoms. The north was under Jeroboam while the south remained under Rehoboam. The declaration thus marked the beginning of the period of a divided monarchy and divided kingdom.

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Spiritual gift can be defined as a concept in Christianity that refers to an endowment or extraordinary power given by the Holy Spirit. According to St Paul, it is the holy spirit that dwell in a man and make him acknowledge Jesus as lord.

*(Pick Any Four)*
(i)The utterance of wisdom
(ii) The utterance of knowledge
(iii) Faith
(iv) The gift of working miracles
(v) The gift of healing
(vi) The gift of prophesy
(vii) The gift to speak in tongues

Fruit of the spirit are those conducts that are godly. Every Christian attached to Jesus Christ produces good fruit(conducts) such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The fruits of the spirit encompassed the Ten commandments.

*(Pick Any Four)*
(i) Repentance from sin
(ii)salvation through faith in Jesus Christ
(iii) Baptism in the name of Jesus
(iv) Gift of the Holy spirit
(v) Abiding in Jesus christ


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