NABTEB IRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022 [Islamic Religion Theory Obj]

Nabteb Economics Answers 2022 - 27th June 2022
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The NABTEB IRS Answers 2022: have been outlined here. The  Nabteb Examination board Monday NABTEB IRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022 Examination  will hold on Monday 20th June 2022

The NABTEB IRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022 will commence Monday 20th June 2022 Below, we will be NABTEB IRS Answers 2022- 20th June 2022 for candidates that will participate in the examination.

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(i) Hadith is part of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) Sunnah and Muslims are commanded by God to follow this Sunnah, together with Quran, as sources for Islam religion teachings and rules.

(ii) Prophet Muhammad is a true model for human to be followed in all his saying, doings, and practices. And sayings (hadith) detail and explain what is briefed in Quran.

(iii) Prophet sayings (hadith) give the details, as explained to the prophet by God, of many ritual worships. In other words Prophet sayings (hadith) are sources of many Islam morals, since they help Muslims in determining the prophet way to behave.

(vi) Help Muslims to be closer to Allah by doing what He wills and abstaining from what He forbids. Give direction on the performance of Sunnah acts.They are a source of knowledge for Muslims.

(v)Helps Muslims to know the details regarding the Prophet’s life and teachings. And They affirm the position held by the Prophet in Islam. Confirm the Prophet’s teachings on various religious issues.

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