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Could it be said that you are a Neco Candidate for 2022? then, at this point, underneath is the finished NECO Fishery Answers 2022 that you have been looking for. The fascinating piece of this is well-formatted charts of the relative multitude of examples to make it simple for you to  Identify them all.

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NECO Fishery Answers 2022

No (1ai)

Feeding regime comprises of the time fishes are fed including the proportion or quantity of feed given/dispensed in relation to their body weight. It also includes the frequency of feeding.


(i) Broadcasting method

(ii) Automated method

(iii) Spot method


(i) BROADCASTING: It ensures wide spread distribution of feed

(ii) AUTOMATED: There is less wastage of feed/proper feed utilisation

(iii) SPOT: It can aid fish pilferage.


Monoculture: This is the type of aquaculture that involves stocking a single species of fish in the same rearing facility at a given time.


Polyculture: This is the type of aquaculture that involves the stocking of more than one species of fish in the same rearing facility at a given time.


Integrated fish farming: This is the culture of fish together with crops or animals at the same time in the same farm.




(i) It leads to specialization in the production of a specie

(ii) It is easy to monitor individual fish species performance/growth

(iii) There is no undue competition among the fish for space and feed

(iv) Fish of different ages can be stocked and harvested at different times




(i) It is suitable for extensive fish culture systems

(ii) It is easy to raise many fish species

(iii) It is less labour intensive

(iv) farmer is insured against total loss of fish stocked

(v) It is used to control prolific breeding habits

(vi) It allows for higher fish production

(vii) It reduces pollution as different fish species feed on waste and algae

(viii) It allows for better utilization of space


Integrated fish farming:


(i) Provides multiple sources of income

(ii) Minimizes cost of production

(iii) Results in optimum utilization of resources such as labour, capital and farmland

(iv) Provides multiple food products from the same farm

(v) It helps in energy conservation by utilizing waste from other enterprises

(vi) Farmer is insured against total loss of income/resources

(4a)(i) Light penetrates only a short distance, and photosynthesis is reduced(ii) Oxygen production during the daytime is relatively small.(iii) Both the growth of the fish and of their natural food organisms can be badly affected.(iv) It can affect fish directly by injuring their breathing organs(v) It lowers production rate

Inbreeding is the mating of fish more closely related than the population average.

(i) Rrapid growth potential
(ii) Higher resistance to dissolved oxygen deficiency and adverse water quality
(iii) Strong appetite
(iv) Omnivorous feeding regime.


2022 WAEC Fisheries (Essay & OBJ) Answers [19th May] (4di)
Partial harvesting: This can be done when bigger fish are removed to allow smaller ones space to grow before total harvesting.

Total harvesting: This is carried out at the end of a production cycle or in cases of emergency like diseases outbreak.

(5a)(i) Angling(ii) Noodling(iii) Flounder tramping(iv) Spearfishing
(5b)(i)Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate)(ii) Limestone (Calcium carbonate)(iii)Use of chemical additives(iv)Pond filtration
(5c)(i)Open pond method(ii) The ‘Hapa’ Method(iii)Production of All-Male Fingerlings(iv)Hormonal Sex Reversal
(5di)(i) Fish Liver Oil (ii) Fish Body Oil (iii) Fish Silage
(5dii)(i) It prevent the blood from clotting.(ii)Slow the development of plaque in the arteries(iii)It’s used as an ingredient in animal feed, and is treated separately from fish meal due mainly to differences in the production process.
(5e)(i) Needles(ii) Fishing Twine (6a)(i)Too many fish will use up all the dissolved oxygen in the water.(ii)Too many fish will produce too much ammonia. (iii)Too much nitrate might lower fish immune system. (iv)Algae boom from too many nutrients (v)Fish might get stressed when there is not enough swimming room (vi)Fish might get aggressive if there are too many fish in one tank. (vii)An overstocked fish tank will cost more to maint



Capture fisheries is exploitation of aquatic organisms without stocking the seed.


Culture fisheries is the cultivation of selected fishes in confined areas with utmost care to get maximum yield.


(i)rapid growth potential,

(ii)higher resistance to dissolved oxygen deficiency and adverse water quality,

(iii)strong appetite,

(iv)omnivorous feeding regime.


(i)Fish net





(vi)Fishing rods


(i)Healthy source of protein ·

(ii)Used for non-food products ·

(iii)Jobs creation

(iv)Development of the agricultural part of the economy.


(i)poor fish farming methods,

(ii)inadequate technical capabilities and skills,

(iii)high cost of fish feeds,

(iv)low financing of fish farming projects by deposit money banks,

(v)inadequate storage and processing facilities,

(vi)poor quality of brood stock,

flooding and.

(vii)market failures.


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Today’s WAEC Fishery (Alternative B) Answers (Essay)

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WAEC Fishery Essay And Objective 2022 (EXPO)
The questions below are the WAEC 2022 Fishery Practice Questions. Go through them and be ready to score high in your WAEC 2022 Fishery Examination.

PAPER 1 (Objective)
1. A fish which has no scales but has barbells is
A. tilapia.
B. tuna.
C. clarias.
D. croaker.

2. Integrated fish farming involves the culture of fish with
I. Rice
II. Pig
III. Duck
A. I and II only.
B. I and III only.
C. II and III only.
D. I, II and III.

3. An example of fish which can be cultured in ponds is
A. clarias.
B. tuna.
C. bonga.
D. synodontis.

4. The optimum water quality range for Dissolved Oxygen in a fish pond is
A. 3.0 – 5.0 mg/l.
B. 5.0 – 8.0 mg/l.
C. 8.0 – 11.0 mg/l.
D. 11.0 – 14.0 mg/l.

5. The following are fishing gear except
A. scoop net.
B. hook and line.
C. dug-out canoe.
D. fishing spear.

PAPER 2 (Essay)
(1) (a) (i) Define the term fisheries.
(ii) Explain the two sub-divisions of fisheries.
(b) List five materials used in constructing a set net and state one use of each.
(c) Differentiate between intensive and extensive management systems of aquaculture.
(1b) (a) (i) What is capture fisheries?
(ii) Describe three methods used in capturing fish.
(b) (i) State five ways in which fisheries is important to the economy of your country.
(ii) State four common fishery organisms in your country.

(2) (a)(i) State five qualities of culturable fish species.
(ii) List four culturable fish species.
(b)(i) Explain the term fish culture facility.
(ii) List six facilities for culturing fish.
(c) Mention three fish preservation methods.

The above questions are not exactly 2021 WAEC Fishery questions and answers but likely WAEC Fishery repeated questions and answers.

These questions are for practice. The 2022 WAEC Fishery expo will be posted on this page during the WAEC Fishery examination. Keep checking and refreshing this page for the answers.

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