NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022 [Prose]

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Are You Looking for NECO Literature Answers 2022? in this post am going to share with you NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022, make sure you read this article to the end, and don’t forget to share it on social media. A lot of people will collect money to publish the NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022but our answers will be published here free of charge except for those who wish to have answers sent to them charges may apply to follow the guide.

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Could it be said that you are a Neco Candidate for 2022? then, at this point, underneath is the finished NECO Literature Answers 2022 that you have been looking for. The fascinating piece of this is well-formatted charts of the relative multitude of examples to make it simple for you to  Identify them all.

NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022 & Questions for NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022 Obj & Essay NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022/2023 Neco EXPO ON NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022 NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022/2023, NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022Obj & Essay questions and answers, NECO Literature Answers 2022 for 25th July 2022/2023 Expo/Runs.

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NECO Past Literature Answers 2022

The eight-year-old Adah, who was born in Lagos during World War 2, only dreams of going to school since she is not allowed to attend school because she is not a boy. One day, when her mother is distracted, Adah goes to the Methodist School where her neighbour teaches, and he allows her to learn with them for the day. She returns home meeting a group of policemen in their compound. Her mother is being punished for child neglect, yet Adah is allowed to continue attending school.

Months later, Adah father goes to the hospital but does not return. His demise makes his nuclear family to separate. His wife, Adah’s mother, is inherited by his brother. His son, Adah’s brother, goes to live with one of his (Adah father’s) cousins whereas Adah is sent to live with one of her mother’s brothers.

Adah is allowed to remain in school only because she could bring a higher bride price if educated. Suitors come; however, she is not interested in any of them. Instead, fascinated with the possibility of winning a scholarship to secondary school, Adah steals the money for the sitting fee, passes the examination, and wins the scholarship. She attends the Methodist Girls’ School and completes the four-year course.

Knowing full well that she will not be allowed to live on her own in the university, Adah marries a student named Francis Obi (who is too poor to pay the bride price) with the hope of being able to attend school and study at her own ‘copied from e x a m p l a z a . c o m free’ pace. She births a daughter and begins working for the American Consulate Library. Having had the dream of going to the United Kingdom, she shares it with her husband. They decide to go, but his family, who depends upon her income, approves of his leaving but insists that Adah remain at home and continue to support the family. Her husband’s father does not approve of women going to England. At first, Adah is filled with rage, but she controls her anger and comes up with a plan – “Be as cunning as a serpent but as harmless as a dove,” she quoted to herself. Once again, she uses her cleverness to get what she wants. She sends Francis (her husband) off to England to study while she works and sends him money in the meantime.

Adah is known for her perseverance; she does not give up. When her husband writes to her a few months later that he is going to be in England for at least four or five years, she decides it is time to make her move. She convinces her in-laws that it is necessary for her to be in England with her husband, stating that her husband wants her there, which he did say to her in the letter. She soon books herself and her two children first class tickets on a ship to England. As a foreshadowing of all that is to come for her, Adah arrives England, welcomed by cold, rainy and cloudy skies. She is shocked by the greyness but will not give up on her dreams. Adah has arrived in the United Kingdom where she becomes a second class citizen. She is ‘copied from e x a m p l a z a . c o m free’ only a first class citizen in Nigeria.

Some of the main points of struggle for Adah are being a black woman in a predominantly white society, learning of the women’s right movement during the seventies, the fact that there is birth control available to her, and the struggle to pursue her goal in becoming a writer between four children and a lazy abusive husband.

This is 2022 NECO Literature in English – (prose) ANSWERS No. 1
Adah and her children enter the UK through Liverpool, and she is greatly disappointed by her first sight of her dream country: the dark, cloudy, industrial city gives her pause. However, she remembers how important it is to her that her children have an English education. Adah and the children disembark and reunite with Francis, who sees his son for the first time.

Adah notices that Francis has changed significantly. He makes jokes about death, which he attributes to the English people’s odd sense of humour. Adah is skeptical of this, though, because she doesn’t think the people around her look like they have senses of humour. He says that she has become bolder and speaks to him in a way she would not have in Lagos. Adah interprets his remarks as evidence that men have more rights and privileges than women do, even in England. They board the train to London, and on the journey, Adah sees snow for the first time. She is beginning to feel more hopeful about England now that she has seen some of its beautiful landscapes.

Once in London, Francis takes them to their accommodations. Adah cannot believe how close the buildings are to one another, and Francis tells her that in Nigeria, there is more land to spread out. Their home country is not at the point yet where every available space is built up, as in London. Next, he takes her to their apartment, which is very small and sparse; there is only one room, no bath or kitchen, and no private ‘copied from e x a m p l a z a . c o m free’ toilet, the communal toilet is four floors downstairs. Adah has not been told ahead of time what the apartment will be like and is shocked to see the bareness of the room.

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