Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 1st April 2022

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 1st April 2022: The Episode begins with Atharv asking will I beat Suman. Sujata says no, she is senior, sit calm, at times botches isn’t of people, similar to its not Suman’s misstep presently, its our circumstance. Atharv says I have seen you stowing away and crying, I didn’t feel quite a bit better. Sujata says OK, I was sobbing for myself. She sees Ramakant’s pic and says today I was sobbing for another person, Suman remained infront of Ramakant and was much far, she would have bear a ton. Violate embraces Suman.

Guddi considers Ravish and goes to Atharv. She embraces Atharv. He asks would you like to play. She says you used to say one day I will get love, the one who regards me, wants to think about it and loves me, you realize I got that man, I love Ravish. Atharv says chief saab is great. She says I know, he is excellent and loves you, Vividha has no affections for Ravish, I truly love him and can make a connection with him.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 1st April 2022: Atharv takes an optics. Sujata requests that he hold it back. Daddy ji says its our family’s extraordinary thing, its for you Ravish. Violate says let Atharv keep it, its equivalent thing I have it or Atharv have it. Guddi grins seeing Ravish. Atharv doesn’t take drugs by Sujata’s hands. Vividha comes and says she will sing a melody for him, then he needs to take meds. She sings surmai ankhiyon mein… .. Guddi takes a gander at them tragically. Atharv dozes in her lap by listening the cradlesong. Violate comes and looks on.

Vividha sees Ravish and takes a stab at making Atharv rest on the bed. Violate signs her to stop and not upset Atharv. He gets a cushion and holds under Atharv’s head. She gets up and staggers. Violate holds Vividha. Guddi says I will take more time to room. They go.

Its morning, Kalindi converses with Suman about armed force affiliation presentation. Violate comes and welcomes everybody. He asks Guddi how is she. Guddi says I m fine. He gets some information about Sujata and Atharv. Vividha says they are in their room. Sujata requests that Atharv come. Atharv says its freezing. Vividha comes and requests that Atharv come and eat, he will feel better. Atharv pulls her and they have an eyelock. He says he won’t get up. She says I will see and stimulates him. He chuckles and asks are you frantic. Sujata comes. Vividha says I ate for you.

Sujata requests that Atharv clean up. Suman comes and says compelling reason need to have food in room, you can have food ground floor, kitchen will have recently my privileges, yet I guaranteed my child that you will get equivalent freedoms, you can have food with whole family, this prison acting will end, I can successfully satisfy my guarantee to Ravish and Ramakant, I can’t simply keeping guarantee, not breaking, come. Suman goes first floor. Violate sees Sujata and Atharv coming. Atharv feasts with them. Violate requests juice. Guddi says I will give it. She pours heaps of juice in the glass and it floods. Vividha sees Guddi gazing at Ravish.

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Vividha yells Guddi. Atharv giggles seeing this. Guddi says sorry, and passes juice to Ravish. Aditi receives a message and goes coming up with some rationalization. Kalindi thinks something isn’t right. She goes out and meets Avinash. She says this is excessively, everybody is at home, you called me to meet. He says I faced this challenge for you. She embraces him and says I could do without to conceal this connection, Suman and Ravish think I m youthful. He jokes. She says you look bad, its your great destiny that I like stupids. He says fine, lets see what else is there to do. He inspires her near kiss. Kalindi comes there and doesn’t see them.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 1st April 2022: Kalindi feels free to see Aditi along. Aditi comes up with rationalization. Avinash gives a flying kiss and goes. Kalindi comprehends there is an off-putting thing. She gets Avinash’s arm band on the ground. Guddi reviews Ravish’s words and grins. She comes to Ravish’s room. She takes his pic and embraces it. She sees his decorations, his uniform and extras.

Vividha sees Gudddi embracing Ravish’s shirt. Vividha asks Guddi what’s going on with you. Guddi comes up with a work rationalization. Vividha asks her not to stress for these things, and goes. Guddi takes Ravish’s pic.


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