Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022
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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022 : The Episode begins with Vividha going to that room and hearing some sound. She says perhaps he is stowing away here, and gets down on who is here. She says my eyes are tricking me, I m seeing Atharv, however he is in Himachal, it can’t e him. Atharv comes towards her. Kalindi holds her and she shouts. Vividha says you… .. Kalindi expresses out loud whatever are you doing here, this morning meal plate was for Ravish, to whom did you come to take care of food here. Vividha says I heard some sound and came here to see, I will clean this. Kalindi says I will get that cleaned, come I will show you the exit plan, we can’t bear to lose our new bahu. Kalindi goes. Vividha peruses her name on the mirror and goes to see. She says who composed Vividha here. Kalindi asks did you stop once more. Vividha goes.

Vividha gets tea for Ravish and awakens him. She says I ate and tea for you here, will you have something first or tea? He says I will have tea, yet I will initially clean up. She asks him how much sugar will he have in tea. He goes. She turns and gets stunned seeing Atharv. She drops the spoon in shock and checks him out. She says no, this can’t be you Atharv… . I m envisioning this. Violate gets down on Vividha and says I m coming in two mins. She stresses. She says no, this isn’t you … … and surges away. Atharv checks her out. She sees Atharv not vanishing and stresses. Violate emerges from the washroom… … Vividha cries seeing Atharv and Ravish on her either side. Violate gets stunned seeing Atharv in his room.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022 : Violate asks are you alright… .. She gets stunned. He asks what is wrong… … She gets dazed and swoons close to Atharv… .. Violate says Vividha, and holds her. Atharv lashes out seeing Ravish holding Vividha. Violate makes Vividha lie on the bed. Atharv goes to Ravish and holds his hand. Violate requests that Atharv unwind… . Atharv leaves his hand. Violate holds Atharv and says don’t move from here till I express, stand here.

Atharv holds Vividha’s hand and the dabs fall there. Violate comes and pulls him away. He gives him infusion on his neck. Situram comes there. Violate signs him to remove Atharv. Violate takes Atharv enclosing him by the cover. They take more time to the mystery room. Violate requests that Situram be ready. He really focuses on Atharv. He reviews Ramakant’s words, that Sujata and Atharv will be his obligation after Ramakant’s passing, you need to see that they get their privileges, regard and status, this will not be simple for you, I was unable to do this, yet I m sure you can do this, I didn’t have boldness, I realize you will satisfy my desire. Violate hits his hand on the divider and says this will get harder for me every day. He goes.

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Vividha saw Atharv and yells no… . She awakens. Kalindi, Suman and Bhoomi come there. Suman asks what occurred, for what reason did you yell. Vividha says he was in my room, remaining here. Violate comes and says there is nobody with the exception of us. Vividha asks did you not see anybody here. He says I have seen just you, you swooned when I emerged from washroom, I believed its by pressure or something, I made you rest and leave, when I heard your shout, I came here. Suman says there is nobody, its simply us, you are protected here. He says I figure Vividha ought to rest, she will feel unwind. Kalindi and Bhoomi leave. Suman says Ravish, I want to converse with you. She requests that Vividha be careful and they leave. Vividha thinks.

Kalindi says something is off about Vividha. Bhoomi says Ramakant picked her. Kalindi says he was unable to make Sujata his significant other, how could he pick her neighbor as bahu, there is something off-base, I need to get this. Suman says it’s anything but something seemingly insignificant, there is some issue. Violate says perhaps she is feeling frail or a few responses by change or air and water, she will be fine. She says there is something, Vividha stays terrified, I saw it, Kalindi and Bhoomi pass on zero chance to point at her, it doesn’t really matter to me what they say, I m prepared to become divider to safeguard Vividha, yet there is something.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022 : Vividha holds her head and says no, I have seen Atharv, he was here… .. She gets the Rudraksh globules of his wrist band. She gets stunned seeing it. She says Atharv used to wear this Rudraksh in his wrist, it implies Atharv was here. She cries.

Vividha hears the sound from the pantry. She opens the entryway. Sujata is there in the room.

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