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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 11th April 2022: The Episode begins with Vividha coming and drying her hair. Her hair water falls over Ravish’s face and he awakens. She prepares and he grins seeing her. Vividha applies sindoor. He says you don’t have to get up early as a result of me, you can awaken at your time. She says no, its fine. He says you don’t have to do this for me. She says I m doing this for your mum, I have proactively harmed a mum and doesn’t have any desire to hurt another person.

Ankit comes out and reviews the stone. He sees the sanctuary ringers moving and goes to see. He gets terrified and runs out of home. Vividha says I mean, since I came in this house, I accomplished no work, I was remembering to help Maa in kitchen today. Violate says I know it all. She stops and checks him out.

She asks what do you mean, you don’t claim to know everything. He says what you are stowing away, see I m armed force official and can’t see whats happening in heart, however we are given preparation to understand faces, I can see you are concealing something, sit back and relax, I won’t ask you anything, deal with my mum, whatever is there between us ought to be between these four dividers. She asks would I be able to ask you something.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 11th April 2022: Ankit goes to a few dull spot and Dubey gives him a telephone. Kailash converses with Ankit. Ankit says everything is ruining here, its huge issue, Uma is beating me, Dadi and Guddi are absolutely against me, you need to follow through with something and end this matter, what… .. The entryway opens and Ankit and Dubey get stunned.

Violate requests that she inquire. She says Kalindi and Bhoomi said that everybody in this house, their life is unfortunate about adoration, leave it assuming its a lot of individual. He says there is nothing similar to that, I wedded you, you are my significant other, yes this family is unfortunate, my father never adored my mum. She inquires as to why. He says since he adored another person. My mum generally yearned for his adoration, however she didn’t get his affection, she has assumptions from my marriage. She asks his assumptions. He says you can definitely relax, I won’t trouble you with my assumptions, my mum anticipates love for me, not feel sorry for. She reviews Atharv’s words.

Vividha makes the food. Suman and everybody see many dishes. Vividha says I made breakfast and lunch together. Suman says Lord has sent you for my child and this house. Vividha says I just made food, that’s it. Suman says this isn’t simply food, yet your affection. Vividha says I m not so particularly extraordinary as you suspect Maa. Suman gets passionate and says Maa… .. you are more than exceptional. Violate comes and asks why are you all here, its the ideal opportunity for breakfast. Suman says sure, eat anything today, Vividha made food today. They generally go. Violate expresses gratitude toward Vividha. She says I just made food, don’t bother expressing profound gratitude. She sits to take something. Situram comes and lets Ravish know that there is an issue, I figure everybody will be aware. Violate signs him to hush up. Vividha asks what issue. Violate comes up with rationalization of water spillage and goes to fix it.

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Ankit and Dubey see Uma at the entryway. Uma asks Ankit to whom was he chatting on telephone. She accepts call and asks who is it. She requests that Ankit say. Ankit doesn’t say anything, old buddy. Dadi likewise comes there. Uma gets back to on number and gets number off. She asks him once more and slaps him. She asks Dubey for what good reason did he meet Ankit. Dubey says I was attempting to help. Uma and Dadi beat Ankit. Dadi reproves Ankit a ton. Ankit cries. Dadi says I realized something is off-base when I saw Uma following you. Dadi asks Dubey where is he going, and beats him. She beats Ankit with a stick. Ankit says we were discussing Atharv, he passed on, I have recently hit hammer once. He cries and gets out whatever would I do, he was eloping with my sister. Uma and Dadi get stunned. Uma gets out whatever will I tell Vividha.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 11th April 2022: Vividha follows Ravish. Violate goes inside cabinet. Vividha comes inside the room. Situram says I was seeing tool stash. She asks where is Ravish, there is one way out, I didn’t see him. He says perhaps he went in rush. Dadi and Uma cry. Vividha hears something and looks outside. She goes to really take a look at restroom. She gets stunned and moves back in dread.

Vividha gets some information about Atharv. Dadi says we are making an honest effort. Uma gets out whatever will I tell her. Vividha sees Atharv and grins.


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