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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 18th April 2022: The Episode begins with Atharv crying and saying Vividha. Vividha stops as though she heard him. She gives water to Suman. Bhoomi signs Kalindi. She says we didn’t give them desserts we got from Ajmer. Bhoomi says we went to your home Vividha. Suman asks Ajmer, you didn’t say us. Kalindi says perhaps we neglected, we have went to Vividha’s home and met her family, and their neighbors Sujata and Atharv, however appalling we were unable to meet them. Violate, Vividha and everybody get stunned. Kalindi asks do you know them, do you have any idea about where did they go.

Vividha gets strained and pours water in glass and it floods. She says I m sorry. Vividha says OK, they were my neighbors. Violate asks Kalindi do you know them. Kalindi says no, however Vividha would be their companions. Daddy ji and Suman look on. Kalindi asks is Atharv Sujata’s child. Daddy ji requests that Kalindi stop it, will be it important to discuss Vividha’s neighbors. Kalindi says no, they left entryway open and left, does such thing occur. Suman says I want to converse with you Kalindi. Kalindi goes with Suman.

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Suman asks Kalindi how could you take Sujata’s name in this house, you realize Sujata’s name isn’t taken in this house. Kalindi says I know, I was asking how did Ramakant pick Sujata’s neighbor, presently Atharv is connected to Sujata, Ramakant couldn’t give his name to Atharv, he is Sujata and Ramakant’s child, he has isolated your portion and presently Atharv will separate Ravish’s portion. Suman furiously lifts hand and stops. She cries and says you don’t have limit on your reasoning, atleast remember to stop yourself, you don’t attempt to rehash this. Kalindi asks how will you respond assuming truth is something different, simply think, how did Ramakant pick Vividha. Suman says so what, assuming that they are neighbors, it very well may be happenstance. Kalindi asks do you suspect as much.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 18th April 2022: Suman says to say Ramakant went to meet Sujata, fine, I can see that, perhaps he has seen Vividha there and picked her to turn into our bahu, she is so great, whats the large thing. Violate comes and hears them. Suman says Ramakant picked Vividha for Ravish, he didn’t get Suman our lives. Kalindi asks and Atharv… . Suman says I m saying once and for all with deference, don’t take their names in this house once more. She says they are not connected with us.

Kalindi says fine, when I took their name, did you see Vividha’s face, she was terrified, in the event that they are simply neighbors… . Suman says remain quiet about your filthy psyche, don’t bother expressing anything about Vividha, they perhaps neighbors, however Vividha doesn’t realize Sujata had connection with my significant other. Kalindi says fine, I comprehended. She goes. Suman cries and flies off the handle that Ramakant and Sujata have a child additionally, Lord don’t allow my past to come over in my preset, keep Ravish’s bliss well.

Violate thinks about Vividha’s response and Kalindi’s words. He thinks it implies Vividha, Sujata and Atharv know one another, for what reason did father picked that young lady for me, who was Sujata and Atharv’s neighbor. Vividha supposes assuming that matter is out, its right opportunity to educate Ravish concerning Atharv, I have trouble on heart. He thinks what am I missing, how the situation is playing out. She figures I ought to advise all that to Ravish, he has right to be aware. He goes to his room. He remembers to ask Vividha. She remembers to let him know everything. The two of them attempt to be aware.

He requests that she say first. She says Bua was saying about our neighbors. He asks her not to think a lot and overlook it. She says I need to let you know something. Suman comes there. She asks Vividha not to feel awful of Kalindi’s words, I figure you ought to converse with Uma, perhaps Kalindi offered something wrong to her. Vividha says not at all like that, just relax. Suman goes.

Violate says I have pixie work, I will just come, you rest, goodbye. He goes. Vividha says I want to tell Ravish. He figures I will not ask her anything, matter can deteriorate, on the off chance that anybody observes Sujata and Atharv, it will be new issue. He leaves.

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Atharv gets up and sees Sujata resting. He says Sujata, I m hungry. He gets no food and beverages water. Atharv goes to kitchen and gets banana. He sits eating banana. Daddy ji comes there to drink water. He says Jai Shri Krishna… . Atharv rehashes his words. Daddy ji hears him and goes to see. He doesn’t see Atharv, who is sitting at the opposite side. He leaves. Atharv gets a broomstick and grins. He messes about.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 18th April 2022: Vividha rests to rest. Somebody comes in her room by the window and contacts her severely, getting her hair off her face. Atharv is outside in lobby and playing.

Vividha awakens and shouts. Atharv hears her and says Vividha. Vividha runs out of her room, and Atharv hurries to her. The two of them impact. She gets stunned seeing him and says Atharv.


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