Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 28th March 2022

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 13th March 2022
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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 28th March 2022: The Episode begins with Suman taking a weapon and going to Atharv. She points weapon at Atharv’s head. Suman asks how might you venture to do this. Vividha says Atharv sat idle. Suman reproves Sujata and Atharv. Vividha says that isn’t Atharv, somebody resembles Atharv. Suman reviews the man with veil, and says OK, that man had cover, who was he, Atharv’s face is perfect. Atharv says OK, its not me and its me, will I beat him.

Vividha says he has gone after me before too. Suman gets out whatever, assaults are going on you? Violate comes and says Vividha is correct. Suman reproves him for concealing this matter and says I made this house a man, its my obligation to oversee family, you didn’t let me know when somebody has gone after on my bahu to demolish her regard. She says there are two youthful bahus and one youthful sister, for what reason did you not tell Daddy ji, we realize this man meanders with Atharv’s looks, what else do we know. Atharv goes out playing. Everybody come, and even Vipul. Vividha checks Vipul out.

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Vipul asks what occurred, is there any strain. Suman says we realize that man changes his looks, how to realize who is he. Vividha says I know it all, it was my and Ravish’s arrangement to discover the man in the act before all of you come, however this couldn’t occur, when he went after on me last time, I copied his hand with diya, his hands ought to have copy mark, nobody was there at home, aside from me, Atharv and Sujata, when Ravish comes to, he had taken off.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 28th March 2022: Daddy ji says it implies he has taken off. Violate says no, he is still here. They generally get stunned. Vipul inquires as to for what reason are all of you seeing me. Vividha says I will offer you a response. Vividha tells everything. She says Vipul changed face and came to us, with the goal that we ought to think he came from pixie meeting. Vipul says you are making any story, how might you figure such thing, its off-base, I didn’t do this. She says you know what you did.

Kalindi says enough, you are accusing my child. She reproves Vividha. Bhoomi asks Ravish do you suspect as much. Violate says OK, circumstance says as much. Kalindi requests that Daddy ji say something. Vividha says I can demonstrate this, when I was gone after, I have hit on that man’s head, his cover got off. They see Vipul hurt. Violate asks Vipul how could he get injured. Vipul says I went to take food things and got injured.

Vividha says fine, show me your hand. Vipul shows hand and requests that they see. Kalindi asks did they see well. Vividha says not this, the other hand. He says whats this joke, I won’t show my hand, I don’t need to demonstrate anything, I m going. He goes. Kalindi yells to them and says nobody will go to my child, he is honest. Suman says enough, for what reason did Vipul take off, his running is confirmation that he is offender, you are destined to warrior family, assuming your child did this modest thing, you ought to kill him by your hands, on the off chance that he has this terrible thing in him.

They hear some sound, and race to see. Vividha says Atharv… .. Atharv gets the phony Atharv. Everybody come there and see two Atharv. Counterfeit Atharv sees everybody and gets stunned. Counterfeit Atharv begins Atharv’s acting and requests that Sujata see, they are beating me. Atharv says its not me, its me, Sujata, leave her. The two of them pull Sujata’s hands. Violate and everybody become confounded seeing the two of them.

Sujata says Atharv, its stinging me, leave me. Atharv leaves Sujata. Counterfeit Atharv says you are my mum. Suman slaps counterfeit Atharv. Sujata says my Atharv can’t hurt his mum even in this state, so he left me, this isn’t my Atharv. Violate gets the phony Atharv and pulls off the cover from his face.

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They generally get stunned seeing Situram. Atharv says its Sita. Everybody look on. Violate and Vividha think. Situram reviews how he has cleared all proof against him. Its shown the way that Situram heard Sujata and Atharv’s whereabouts, plan generally and has conned them. He lets everybody know how he executed his obligation arranging. They generally get stunned.

Violate says Situram… .. Suman says OK, that day after vehicle halted. Situram went to get technician and didn’t return. She asks Situram for what valid reason did he do this. Violate inquires as to for what reason did you do this. Situram apologizes and comes to his actual structure.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 28th March 2022: Violate says so this was your steadfastness and work, you attempted to demolish Vividha’s regard by exploiting Atharv’s stage, I believed you a ton, I left everything on you, my life and privileged insights, what did you do consequently. Situram says mysteries, I know numerous insider facts. He grins. Violate, Vividha, and Sujata become stressed.

Suman says in the event that any other individual comes at home, how might I accept him, I couldn’t believe individuals remaining in this house. Guddi comes to remain with them. They generally get stunned.


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