Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 4th April 2022

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 4th April 2022: The Episode begins with Vividha getting down on Guddi and requesting that she come out, else she won’t ever see Guddi’s face. Guddi tumbles down and is harmed harshly. Everybody hear the sound and rush. Vividha sees Guddi and gets stunned. Vividha says nothing will happen to you, don’t be frightened, I will call specialist. Guddi signs to somebody. Vividha goes to see and doesn’t see anybody.

Everybody come there and get stunned seeing Guddi. Vividha requests that Sujata see what befell Guddi. She cries. Somebody takes the pendrive. Violate comes. Vividha requests that Ravish see Guddi. She requests that Guddi have boldness and keep eyes open. Atharv gets terrified seeing Guddi’s state. Violate holds Guddi’s hand to really look at beat. Guddi passes on. Vividha requests that everybody call specialist and emergency vehicle, nobody is busy, I will take my sister. Violate says she is dead. They generally get stunned.

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Vividha says Guddi is acting, you don’t have any acquaintance with her. Jo mai jaanti… … . plays… … … … .. Guddi’s minutes are shown. Vividha shakes her. Violate says she isn’t between us more. Vividha says no Ravish, get up Guddi. Violate shuts Guddi’s eyes. Vividha says Guddi is fine, she is alive. She requests that she get up. Violate requests that Vividha wake up, Guddi has left us, she is dead. Vividha cries and embraces Ravish. Everybody cry.

Police comes to research the matter. Atharv checks Guddi out. Violate and Daddy ji converse with the police. Uma and Dadi come there and get stunned seeing Guddi. Dadi and Uma cry. Uma requests that Guddi get up. She requests that Vividha request that Guddi get up. They all cry. They remove Guddi. Atharv looks on. Vividha embraces Uma and sees Atharv, thinking our Guddi left us for eternity.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Monday 4th April 2022: Guddi’s last customs are finished. Vividha, Dadi, Uma, Ankit cry. Violate and his family stand miserable. Atharv signs something to Sujata. He asks Sujata for what good reason do they cry. He says Guddi is gone… … Uma cries seeing Atharv’s state. Vividha reviews Guddi and cries. Sooraj tera… … … … … … plays… … … … She considers Guddi marking to somebody, and guarantees Guddi to figure out who has done this, regardless of whether I need to address any cost.

Uma cries and says Guddi has done. She embraces Sujata. Vividha says Maa, police has come for examination. Auditor inquires as to whether they have seen anything, any subtleties. Atharv says OK, I have seen. Examiner asks what did you see. Atharv shows somebody.


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