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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 10th April 2022: The Episode begins with Ravish perusing the note. He advises Vividha to be out of this, as her life is in risk now. She says put isn’t to my life in extreme danger, however to that individual, I won’t leave this matter fragmented, that individual is frightened thus he is doing this, I need to get that individual, he killed my sister. Violate says I m with you. Kailash is harmed and opens the gauzes off his face. He says I got saved by that episode, my family got destroyed, this happened as a result of Atharv. He sees his face in the piece of mirror. He sees Atharv and Sujata’s pic and becomes irate. He squashes the pic and dumps.

Violate and Vividha attempt to research the matter. He says we need to get equity for Guddi. She gestures. He says anybody from outside can likewise do this, however why, what can be the intention. She says how could any untouchable come inside house, he can’t come when family is near. She staggers. He requests that she be cautious and holds her. They have an eyelock.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 10th April 2022: Atharv wears feline veil and alarms them. He says I m the dark feline, get me. Violate and Vividha stop him. Vividha asks what is it, show me. He says its mine, I m the dark feline. He doesn’t give the veil and runs. She inquires as to for what reason was he saying he is dark feline. Violate questions on Atharv. She says Atharv can never do this, you don’t have the foggiest idea what was Guddi for Atharv, there are not many things you don’t have the foggiest idea, that letter and scorpion, Atharv can’t do this, his psychological state isn’t fine. He says is Sujata behind the scorpion and notes. She gets stunned.

He says perhaps Sujata is doing this to make our consideration redirected from Atharv. She says no, Sujata adored Guddi a great deal. He says we need to think by mind, Atharv is her main child and she can effectively save him, I know this, till the individual is gotten, each individual is in doubt.

They meet Sujata. Sujata asks what garbage, Atharv can’t do this, was this the main thing to tune in subsequent to bearing to such an extent. Violate requests that she review was Atharv with her when Guddi was pushed down, where was he. Vividha sees Atharv. Sujata says Atharv can never do this. Violate says I know, he can’t do this with Vividha’s sister. Sujata says he can never make it happen, never with anybody, wouldn’t even come close to accusing my child. Violate says I m asking once more, where was Atharv at Guddi’s demise time, even police will ask this. Sujata says he was with me, I was bubbling milk in kitchen, he was messing about, he can’t do this. He says fine, he can never do this purposefully, however accidentally on the off chance that he did this and fail to see what he is doing… ..

Sujata asks truly, what befell your faculties, Atharv is generally accused and he needs to defend himself, when Vividha was gone after, you thought Atharv is behind the assault, yet Situram was the genuine offender. Atharv informs Vividha concerning dark feline. Sujata says last time additionally, you accused him, did you think about us such. Violate says none has thought process to kill Guddi. Sujata asks does my child has thought process to kill Guddi, he esteems relations and can’t do this. Vividha says OK, Sujata is correct, he can never do this, its simply occurrence. Violate says Atharv isn’t in his detects, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he is doing, perhaps he did this accidentally.

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Sujata says such wrongdoings don’t occur unintentionally, my child can’t do this, quit accusing him. Atharv wears cover and advises Vividha to see. He drops a case and says push, down… .. Violate thinks we are attempting to demonstrate Atharv blameless, not guilty party, we will know it soon.

Afterward, Vividha goes in passageway. Atharv comes and shows the toy feline veil. He says I won’t go, its mine. She says fine, you keep it, don’t give anybody, nobody will tell it. She reviews Ravish’s words. She asks Atharv will you inform me regarding this toy. He says OK, its my fav. She says Guddi was your companion right. He says OK, then, at that point, she passed on. She asks did you like her. He says OK.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 10th April 2022: She asks did you push Guddi down, you let me know that dark feline made Guddi tumble down, are you the dark feline. He glances around and says its confidential, will you not tell anybody. She signs no. He goes near her and says OK. She gets stunned. He says I have tossed Guddi down. He wears the feline cover. It tumbles down. Vividha cries. He says I held her neck like this and shows holding the jar. He says I choked out her neck like this, she was crying and I tossed her down. He drops the jar. She gets stunned.

Vividha says its off-base, we shouldn’t do this. Violate says I would rather not hurt Sujata. Atharv’s fingerprints are taken and machine signals. Everybody get stunned. Sujata asks what’s going on with Atharv.


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