Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022
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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update : The Episode begins with pandit requesting that they start puja. Vividha sees the cleanser air pockets and thinks. Suman asks her where are you going, puja is as yet occurring. Violate is stressed. Sujata sees Atharv playing with bubbles. She conveys the icon and asks Atharv for what good reason did he go, accompany me, we will proceed to sit some place. Atharv says I m extremely blissful, see. She says I m extremely drained, accompany me. She requests that he stay here. He goes. She stresses and yells Atharv.

Pandit requests that Vividha keep her hand in Ravish’s grasp. Violate and Vividha do ceremonies and implore. Pandit says everything suhagan ladies can appeal to God for their significant other’s extended untruth. Violate checks Vividha out. Yaad me tere… … … .plays… … … .. Vividha closes yes and implores.

Atharv purchases inflatables. Sujata stops Atharv and asks him not to take anything without asking the merchant. He sees the pretend rifle and takes it. He says I need this weapon. The man asks Atharv is he frantic, fine take it. Sujata says no, he isn’t frantic, how much does this expense. She purchases the firearm. Atharv plays. She grins seeing him blissful.

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Suman requests that they ask, she will just come. Violate says I need to settle on a pixie decision and goes. He calls Situram and asks did you find out, no I can’t come, I must be with family at sanctuary, you don’t quit observing them, they will not go the distance. Sujata causes Atharv to sit and asks him not to go. Once more, he goes. She yells Atharv and goes to stop him. He runs and slams into Suman. Suman goes to see him. Sujata sees Suman and gets stunned. She moves strained and dismisses. Suman turns and doesn’t see Sujata. Sujata supposes in the event that Suman is here, Ravish will associate with, I need to track down Atharv.

Vividha doesn’t see Atharv. Sujata gets Atharv alongside her. Vividha turns and doesn’t see them. Sujata sees Suman’s family and stresses. Atharv says my weapon fell. Sujata expresses stand here, I will get the good times, don’t go. She hurries to get the air rifle and picks it. Sujata goes. Vividha goes to her side and gets thinking. Sujata says I got the firearm, come now. Violate asks did you think that they are well, track down them. He sees Sujata’s Krishna symbol.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update : Suman comes to Ravish and asks why are you here. Violate lies that he will meet his close buddy and come, and requests that they return home. Suman requests that Vividha sit tight for Ravish, he got his close buddy, we will leave. Vividha says no, I will go along. Suman expresses accompany Ravish, you will get a chance to spend together. They leave. Atharv asks where is desserts shop. Sujata says shop will come, we will take Murari symbol first. She takes the symbol and gets stunned seeing Ravish. Violate inquires as to for what reason did you take off, what occurred. Barely any women welcome Ravish and express you here, I think your significant other made a fighter a lover. Violate says I have pixie work, I will meet you later. He turns and sees Sujata and Atharv gone. Atharv’s firearm tumbles down. He returns to get it. Violate comes hurrying to search for him.

He calls Situram. Sujata stresses seeing Ravish and thinks about Ravish’s words. She figures she ought to have not confided in Ravish. She removes Atharv. Atharv says for what reason are we running, I will give weapon to chief. She says no, we are playing find the stowaway from chief, assuming we stow away, we will win, you need to win right. He says OK. She requests that he come quick. Violate searches for them.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 24th April 2022 Update : Sujata considers Abdul uncle and says its hard to oversee Atharv, he isn’t hushing up. Atharv reviews Sujata’s words. She asks uncle did he see legal counselor. Abdul uncle says I will send legal counselor there, you can definitely relax. She says Ravish and his family are here, they can see us. Atharv sits in a major box and gets closed. The weapon falls. Atharv says currently skipper can’t observe me, I will win. Abdul uncle says OK, trust Lord, all will be well. Sujata sees Atharv proceeded to stress. The men lift the container and say this is extremely weighty box. Sujata stresses.

Sujata stows away from Ravish. Vividha comes there. Sujata checks Ravish out.


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