Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022: The Episode begins with Guddi thinking about Vividha’s slap. Vipul inquires as to for what reason are you going unexpectedly early. Guddi expresses numerous things can occur in one evening. Vipul plays with her. Bhoomi comes there and hears them. Vipul says we will meet late evening. He goes. Bhoomi gets thinking. Atharv sits in kitchen and sees Suman cooking.

He remarks on her cooking and asks Suman is she distraught to put stew. Sujata comes and requests that Atharv come. Atharv says see Suman is preparing food so well. Suman gazes at Atharv. He inquires as to for what reason are you irate. Sujata says I got great tones, come, we will do drawing. Atharv requests that Suman cook well. He goes with Sujata. Vividha reviews Guddi’s words. Suman thinks that she is stressed.

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Aditi visits on her telephone and goes. Kalindi watches out for her. Suman gets down on Vividha. Vividha is lost. Suman requests that she come. Suman asks what occurred, are you thinking anything. Vividha says no, would you be able to organize a vehicle tomorrow first thing for going Ajmer. Suman asks do you miss your mum. Guddi hears them. Suman says fine, I will orchestrate vehicle, for a long time are you going.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022: Vividha says not me, Guddi will go from here tomorrow. Suman says yet Guddi recently came, let her visit. Vividha says her school began and she needs to leave for review. Suman says fine, would you say you are alright? Vividha says OK. Suman asks are you certain. Vividha says sure. She goes. Guddi blows up reviewing Dadi’s words. Guddi really takes a look at her mail and gets Atharv and Vividha’s photographs. Chil gae naina… … plays… … … … .. Guddi reviews Vividha’s words. She grins seeing the pics.

Kalindi checks Aditi’s telephone and grins seeing Aditi and Avinash’s pics. She sees Aditi coming and leaves. Guddi gets the photographs and reviews Vividha saying she has numerous pics of her and Atharv, she can’t erase it and telephone has no space now. Guddi requests that she send photographs to her via mail and she can save it. Vividha says I will make a collection of my photographs after marriage, keep it save. Guddi jokes and requests that she think about her mystery treasure, which she can use to coerce Vividha. Vividha snickers. FB closes. Guddi grins seeing the pics.

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Suman sees Ramakant’s pic and says when you were alive, I felt life is trying me, presently I comprehended that life was setting me up for genuine test, I m burnt out on giving trial of tolerance, I need to live with harmony. Somebody thumps.

Suman turns and tracks down a letter. She peruses, now is the right time to realize such mystery which is stowed away from you. Daddy ji understands letter, if you need to know mysterious, turn out in corridor. Vipul peruses that everybody needs to know this mystery. Vividha peruses the mystery is pixie to know. She thinks whats this mystery, who needs to confess to the mystery. Aditi searches for her telephone. She says I had kept it here and stresses. Vividha reviews Guddi’s words.

Atharv looks by optics. Vividha says I realize Guddi did this, however why, did she fail to remember contrast among good and bad. Kalindi plays Aditi and Avinash’s pics on projector, and grins. She says Suman, presently I will show what your honest little girl is doing, you will be humiliated infront of everybody.

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Violate is working spot. Suman considers him and lets him know that she is sending the note pic, return home quick. Violate peruses the note. He figures who can do this, and what’s the mystery. Guddi proceeds to eliminate Kalindi’s pendrive. She connects her pendrive with Atharv and Vividha’s pics. She says I won’t go unexpectedly early, see.

Violate is surging home. Avinash inquires as to for what reason are you stressed, generally well. Violate says OK, I need to arrive at home for pixie work. Avinash sees the note pic in Ravish’s telephone and checks. Violate takes his telephone and goes. Avinash thinks whats happening in his home, what was that note.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022: Aditi calls Avinash and says I m finding my telephone, I m not getting it, telephone is turned off. He says unwind, you can get new ones. She says the telephone has our pics, it can make numerous issues for myself and you. Vividha goes to Guddi’s room. She gets down on Guddi and goes to corridor. She gets down on Guddi and asks whats this, come out, I realize you have sent the notes to everybody, if it’s not too much trouble, come out. Everybody check the notes out.

Vividha yells to Guddi and says in the event that you don’t come out, I won’t ever see your face. Everybody hear the clock sound. Vividha turns and sees Guddi harmed harshly.


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