Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Thursday 21st April 2022

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Friday 15th April 2022
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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Thursday 21st April 2022: The Episode begins with Vividha believing its resembles Ajmer’s sanctuary. She ponders who made this card, did … .. Violate comes there and sees the hello. Sujata requests that Atharv sit, don’t get brutal, I will get new medication. She actually looks at the remedy and asks Situram is these 3 composed. Stream holds Atharv and says OK 3. Sujata gives 3 tablets rather 1 by following the incorrectly portion, which Atharv changed. Atharv takes drugs and gets unsteady.

Violate asks what occurred. Vividha asks from where did this card come. Violate expresses perhaps from gifts, what’s the make a difference to get pressure. Vividha reviews Atharv and sanctuary second. She figures this can’t be incidental, such countless things are occurring.

Violate asks Vividha are you fine. She says OK, I m fine, I simply thought about my home. He says OK, I comprehend. She pardons herself and goes. Atharv gets rough and tosses things. Atharv gets glimpses how the thugs have beaten him. Situram holds Atharv. Atharv pushes him.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Thursday 21st April 2022: Sujata requests that Atharv tune in. Violate comes there. Atharv takes a container. Vividha is in washroom. Atharv gets tipsy and his vision obscures. He drops the container. Vividha hears the sound of container dropping. Atharv takes his Rudraksh mala and holds it to beat Ravish. He goes after Ravish, while Ravish holds him. Vividha hears the sounds once more and races to see.

Situram passes infusion to Ravish. Violate infuses Atharv and controls him. Vividha gets anxious in her room and says whats happening to me, I hear sound, this card. She reviews what occurred till now. She sees Ravish’s vehicle left and says he said he is going out for some work. Violate makes Atharv lie on the bed. Sujata says there is something off-base, Atharv never gets so vicious, we will take more time to medical clinic. Violate says compelling reason need, I called specialist here. She says we need to remove him from here, we will take him once. Violate yells will you make me work, he is fine, see I know what I m doing, Atharv will remain here, its bad on the off chance that he goes out.

Vividha arrives at that cabinet room. The power goes. Atharv is conscious. Violate says Atharv is fine, I addressed specialist, he is coming, I was advised this to do previously, I didn’t do as my heart disagreed, yet whatever happened today, I m powerless. Sujata asks what defenselessness. Situram gets chains. Sujata asks whats this, what’s happening with you. Violate says I have no chance, I can’t place your life in risk. Sujata says don’t stress for me, I will deal with Atharv, you can’t tie my child by chains. Violate says assuming he harms himself, how will you respond, issues will expand, attempt to comprehend. Sujata cries. Situram chains Atharv.

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Sujata reviews Atharv telling her that he won’t allow Vividha to bear Kailash’s torment. He says I need autonomy, nobody can chain me. FB closes. She cries. Violate embraces her and control center.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Thursday 21st April 2022: Vipul approaches Vividha. He holds her in haziness. She takes a container to hit, and he vanishes. She turns on the lights and leaves. Vipul grins. She races to her room and closes the entryway. Vipul says she doesn’t come close by effectively, getting her by difficulty fine. Violate converses with Situram. Sujata cries and sees Lord icon. Vividha calls Ravish. She asks where are you, there was somebody in passage, come quick. Violate says I m coming, sit back and relax. He requests that Situram stay here. Violate goes to Vividha and requests that she open entryway. He inquires as to for what reason did you get frightened. She says there was somebody in the hall, he held me by my midriff, he has contacted me. Violate says unimaginable, I realize you are strained, this house is protected, unwind, nobody can emerge out of outside. She asks were you close, you came not long after I called you.

Sujata asks specialist will Atharv get fine. Specialist says its medication excess, and says I have composed only 1 tablet. Sujata thinks Ravish gave me this solution, nobody contacted it, violated did this… .


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