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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Thursday 7th April 2022: The Episode begins with Vividha putting light all over. She heard Avinash’s arrangement. She says you are observing right thing at wrong spot, I have your telephone, presently you will tell before the family, why you killed my sister. Everybody come.

Suman inquires as to for what reason did you request that we come here after 10mins. Vividha asks Aditi will she say or will I say. She lets everybody know that Aditi and Guddi had a battle for her telephone that evening and afterward Aditi killed Guddi unexpectedly. Everybody get stunned.

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Suman asks what are you talking about, its unthinkable. Daddy ji says for what reason will Aditi do this. Violate says Vividha I realize you are anxious and questioning everybody, I ensure that Aditi can’t imagine doing this, not so much for anything. Vividha says she did this for what’s in this telephone. She shows Aditi and Avinash’s pics. They generally get stunned. Aditi cries.

Violate checks Avinash out. Atharv says its great pic. Aditi says its nothing similar to that. Daddy ji asks is this not your and Avinash’s pic. Violate asks what’s this and holds Avinash’s collar. Avinash says quiet down Ravish, pay attention to me once. Daddy ji stops Ravish. Violate says I was mixed up that you are my companion, when foe doesn’t do this. Atharv asks will I beat him. Vividha says extraordinary, Ravish is irate as nobody enlightened you regarding Aditi and Avinash’s issue, perhaps all of you can see well, yet can’t hear well. I m saying the two of them have killed my sister.

Violate says Aditi didn’t do such thing. Vividha says you are failing to remember you said you will give the offender to police, presently when its about sister, you failed to remember your obligation. Violate says Aditi can’t do this. Vividha says I heard everything, presently they need to know from you Aditi, was the battle not due to this telephone, were you not concealing pics from the family, say truth, don’t attempt to lie, you did this, acknowledge it, tell me. Aditi yells yes. They generally get stunned.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Thursday 7th April 2022: Aditi says I have battled with Guddi for the telephone, however I didn’t kill her. Vividha says you killed her, when Guddi didn’t stand by listening to you, you have tossed her down, come clean. Suman requests that Aditi tell truth.

Aditi says no. I didn’t kill Guddi, trust me Maa, I will say truth. She lets them know how Guddi got Aditi’s telephone and was disturbing her. Guddi says I need to uncover all reality. Aditi says she began giggling and went higher up, I pursued her requesting that she give my telephone. Guddi and Aditi battle for telephone and Aditi’s telephone tumbles down. Guddi pushes Aditi and goes.

Aditi says till I turned, Guddi went. Atharv asks Sujata for what valid reason is she crying. Aditi says I took a stab at tracking down my telephone and didn’t get it, I didn’t lie. Vividha says when you were observing telephone in lobby, when Guddi tumbled down, where were you, this story isn’t matching as you are lying even presently, you became irate and you have pushed Guddi, this is reality Aditi.

Aditi says no, I didn’t kill Guddi, kindly trust me. Violate says when Guddi tumbled down, for what reason did you not descend. Aditi says I was worried, I was harmed and went to room, when I heard sound, I came and saw Guddi. Kalindi asks when auditor asked everybody, for what reason did you not say. Aditi says I was frightened, everybody would have felt I killed Guddi, I swear I didn’t kill Guddi, she has pushed me and I got injured, believe me.

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Avinash says sorry Ravish, Aditi didn’t do this, I told her that I will uphold her, Aditi was concerned for pics, she didn’t kill Guddi. Violate says we will talk later. Violate embraces Aditi and control center. He says Aditi and I raised with same childhood, I realize my sister well, I realize she did serious mix-up by concealing her adoration, however she can’t kill anybody. Suman says Vividha, we don’t conceal anybody’s error, regardless of whether the offender is essential for our family, the person who did wrongdoing will be rebuffed.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Thursday 7th April 2022: Aditi apologizes to Vividha for concealing this. Vividha says I comprehend you are honest, however my sister got killed, if it’s not too much trouble, help me, remain here. She shows the creature fur and asks how did this come on your scarf. Aditi says no, I don’t have any idea, its Bhoomi’s scarf, I acquired this from her.

Atharv makes drawings. Vividha asks what did you make. Atharv says Bhoomi had blade, she was seeing Guddi, when Vipul was with Guddi.


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