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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Tuesday 12th April 2022: The Episode begins with Vividha seeing something and getting stunned. She thinks whats happening to me, what am I believing, I will converse with Maa. Uma reviews Ankit’s words and cries. Uma gets Vividha’s call and tells Dadi. Vividha thinks for what reason is Maa not replying. Uma disengages. Uma gets out whatever will I tell Vividha, she calls 20 times each day and requests Atharv, what will I say, where did Atharv go.

Violate emerges from the cabinet. Situram sees the blood in his neck and hand. Situram asks whats this Sir, I won’t leave him. Violate says we are officers and this occurs. Situram says I figure you didn’t make sense of him your way. Violate says I don’t lift hands on vulnerable man. Situram says I think lady is questioning. Violate says I think not, she is tangled in her own concerns, you are here to help me in staying quiet. He goes to room. Vividha comes and says I know it all. Violate turns and checks her out.

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He asks how would you know. She says I didn’t take military preparation, yet I can see you and tell that you are concealing something. He grins and says OK, I m concealing something, however like I can’t ask you, you likewise can’t ask me, rules are same for the two of us.

He requests that she guarantee. She says guarantee. He says great, I came just to take this. He takes medical aid box and goes. Dadi cries at home. Somebody calls her. She answers the call. Its Vividha. Vividha asks is everything fine, I need to converse with Maa. Dadi says she went to neighbor’s home for some capacity. Vividha gets some information about Atharv. Dadi says we are attempting, we will let you know when we get to know anything. Vividha says at whatever point you get to be aware, consider me any time. Dadi says sure, and closes call.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Tuesday 12th April 2022: Vividha cries and wipes her tears. She sees somebody outside in yard. She remains in window once more. She sees Atharv… … Jaana na dil se entryway… ..plays… … … … ..She says Atharv and races to him… . She leaves the house and grins. She doesn’t see anybody and cries. Violate comes there and checks her out.

He asks why are you here right now. She says I felt.. He asks what, are you fine. She says I have seen somebody here. He asks whom did I see. She says there is no face of deception, you might be abhorring me, I act so inconsiderate and say anything, I m sorry. He says there isn’t anything on the planet without an explanation, everything has an explanation. She asks how could you express yes for this marriage. He says I didn’t have motivation to say no, it was my father’s last desire that I do this marriage, I regarded my father a ton, yet I was dread in heart about marriage. She asks dread.

He says I have seen numerous marriage breaking in my life, you can definitely relax, I m not telling about our marriage. He grins. She says I need to let you know something Ravish. He says not currently… .. since you felt terrible for me, you let me know something when you have no excuse and with practically no strain, I will feel better that time, till then, at that point, to remain inconsiderate, you can remain as such. She grins. He asks do you grin moreover? You look great when you grin.

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She says will we go inside house, its late evening. She goes. Violate goes with her and opens the entryway for her. He requests that she rest. He requests cushion. She passes the pad. He expresses gratitude toward her and lays to rest on the lounge chair. She supposes assuming he was truly Atharv, where did he go. Violate thinks once Vividha rests, I will proceed to really take a look at him. She figures I can’t call Maa till Ravish dozes. The two of them sit tight for one another to rest. Vividha dozes. Violate sees her and leaves the room quietly.

Situram says this can’t occur, I was here on the job. Violate asks how did Vividha see some man outside. Situram says I m sure there was nobody, who would it be able to be, don’t have the foggiest idea why lady wanders around. Violate requests that he mind his work and be cautious, it’s anything but something seemingly insignificant, numerous things are in question, assuming anybody questions, it will be enormous issue. Somebody hears them and goes.

Its morning, Vividha reviews Atharv. She hears Atharv expressing get up Vividha, I have come, as I guaranteed you that I will return. She says Atharv and gets up. She doesn’t see anybody and cries.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Tuesday 12th April 2022: Dadi asks Ankit for what valid reason did you kill Atharv. Uma gets out whatever will I tell Vividha. Vividha calls her once more. Uma says I can’t see her what occurred with Vividha. Vividha says I need to let you know something. Violate comes and she hushes up. She keeps approach hold. Uma says perhaps Ravish has come, she kept approach hold. Uma says don’t have the foggiest idea what will Vividha do hearing this awful news, everything will I say to her, she will break. Vividha converses with Uma. Uma says I need to let you know something. Vividha says I have seen Atharv… . Uma gets stunned.

Dadi says when an individual kicks the bucket before time, his soul has unfulfilled wishes, when that individual loves somebody by heart, he returns. Ankit stresses. Violate and Vividha dance and crystal fixture tumbles down. Suman says Ravish… ..


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