Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 30th March 2022

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Sunday 13th March 2022
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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 30th March 2022: The Episode begins with Guddi saying they are resting in various rooms, Vividha’s life has issues and presently my life as well. She sees somebody outside in the grass and gets frightened. Vividha comes there and sees Guddi. She says I got new towels for you, perhaps you will require it, it gets cold in night, take covers. She asks what are you seeing outside.

Guddi doesn’t say anything, stay here. Vividha expresses profound gratitude for coming here and embraces Guddi. She says I was in strain and couldn’t call Maa and Dadi. Guddi says they are in pressure. Vividha asks whats the matter, tell me, for what reason are you stressed. Guddi says no chance, for what reason will I stress, I m recently worn out. Vividha requests that she rest. Guddi asks violated rest. Vividha says OK, he rested. She goes.

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Chintu is displayed outside. Guddi goes in corridor and sits perusing some magazine. Atharv comes to her. She gets frightened. He inquires as to for what reason did you get frightened. He says I m hungry. She says come, I will give you some food. He sits in kitchen. She causes him to eat apple on his platitude. She reviews Atharv’s words. She says you saved me and let me know that the individual I love, the delightful way he ought to be, presently who will save me. He says I will save, I m much solid. Guddi says Vividha is fortunate to get two cherishing men, you and Ravish. Vividha sees Atharv and grins.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 30th March 2022: She asks Atharv did he get ravenous once more. She requests that Guddi go, she will drop Atharv to his room. Guddi goes. Vividha takes Atharv. Guddi stops and sees them. Atharv tells everybody’s rooms and shows to Vividha. Vividha checks out at him and cries. Tu container bitaye… ..plays… … . Guddi sees Vividha crying and gets sorrowful eyes. Atharv and Vividha clasp hands. Vividha takes Atharv.

Guddi goes to room and says don’t have the foggiest idea when anybody comes in my day to day existence, who peruses my heart by my eyes, whose hand I hold and feel like life’s all desires got satisfied, with whom I feel to give my life. She rests to rest. She sees somebody and asks who is there. She watches out of window and turns. Chintu gets her mouth and takes her out. She gets stunned seeing him.

He says regardless of whether you were in Paatal lok, I would have observed you, I won’t excuse you. He smacks Guddi hard all over and quiets down. He says you caught me in affection and made meextremely upset, then, at that point, accused me, I can neglect love, however not affront, you have sent me to imprison, see where I will send you. He gets a blade. She hits him and runs. He gets her again and takes more time to the vehicle.

Vividha thinks Guddi looked a lot of stressed today, letting her be today bad. Guddi says let me go. Chintu says I need to finish a work which was not finished last time. Violate comes and hits on the vehicle window to break it. He gets Chintu and gets him out of the vehicle. The two of them battle. Guddi looks on. Chintu’s blade falls. Violate beats him. Chintu picks blade and goes to assault. Violate battles well. Vividha searches for Guddi.

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Violate says this house is of warrior, trooper can safeguard nation and knows to safeguard own home as well. Chintu chuckles and says I will finish my retribution. He eyes Guddi. Violate beats him and requests that he shut eyes. He says don’t consider Guddi, Guddi isn’t the only one, I m with her, you couldn’t actually contact her by your reasoning, comprehended. Guddi grins.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 30th March 2022: Violate calls monitor. Vividha calls Guddi. Violate eliminates his jacket and conceals Guddi. Guddi grins. Music plays… … . She says Chintu is Papa’s companion’s home, I thought he cherishes me, yet no, he attempts to attack me, Atharv has beaten him a great deal and saved my life, we had done police grumbling and sent him to imprison, so he returned and did this. He supports her. She checks Ravish out.

Vividha asks how did Chintu come. Guddi says Chintu was attempting to hijack me, on the off chance that Ravish didn’t save me, he would have killed me. She says thanks to Ravish and grins seeing him. Vividha sees Ravish and Guddi taking a gander at one another.


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