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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 9th February 2022: The Episode begins with Atharv telling Sujata that Kailash is in every case harsh tongued, how is he to utilize his little girl. Vividha says Atharv didn’t figure how awful I will feel when he says awful to my Papa, he is exceptionally obtuse. Sujata lets Atharv know that you feel terrible for Vividha, however why. Atharv says Vividha doesn’t have the foggiest idea who is her dad, she is exceptionally delicate, she will get shock, and she will have a hard time believing me, she will quit conversing with me.

She says you marked agreement realizing you will be harmed subsequent to marking, you are prepared to bear issues than giving issues to Vividha, why. He inquires as to why, did I do anything wrong. She says I don’t need you to get injured. He says I m fine. She asks do you begin enjoying Vividha. He asks what are you talking about. She says I m trying to say a certain something, you generally follow heart, as psyche makes the way, yet heart shows the way, I will be 100% of the time with you. He says leave this, I m not gathering Vividha from today, her section is shut. Vividha says Atharv’s part is shut from today.

Its morning, Kailash and Dubey come to some sale. He sees Atharv there and reviews his words. He asks why are you here, don’t let me know you came here for offering for land, don’t dream too enormous, it’s not necessary to focus on any cow, bison or stable, it’s a land offering. He moves Atharv back and goes on. He reviews Atharv and Vividha. Atharv reviews Kailash’s words and strolls there. He cleans the seat and sits alongside Kailash. Uncle requests that Atharv accompany him. Atharv says a few dreams need to shown their status, so they fail to remember contrast among land and stable, land is of 20 lakhs, and bank has 40 lakhs, sit…

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 9th February 2022: Kailash looks on. Dubey says Atharv has said something major in this youthful age. Kailash requests that he call his home. Dubey calls at Kailash’s home. Dadi thinks whose call is it, perhaps DVD businessperson. She answers call and starts admonishing. Dubey gives call to Kailash. Kailash says Maa… . Dadi says sorry, I believed its another person. Kailash requests that she send Vividha to the land offering occasion, I will cause Vividha to do the tika to me when I purchase the land. Dadi says fine. Kailash tells that Vividha is my pride, she will do tilka to me. Dubey says Atharv has your cash, however not more than you, this land has your name composed on it. Ankit and Vividha are coming. She requests that he drive quicker. Uncle requests that Atharv come.

Atharv says pause. Uncle says I will get Sujata here, else accompany me. He takes Atharv. Vividha comes there and slams into Atharv. All the kumkum falls over Atharv’s brow and garments. They take a gander at one another and begin contending. She says I m my Papa’s rabbit’s foot, I came to do tika to him, I lack opportunity and energy to converse with you. She goes. Atharv sees the tika done on his brow by her. Uncle takes Sujata there and tells how Atharv blew up seeing Kailash. Vividha does the tika to Kailash. Atharv comes there. Kailash grins. The land sell off starts. Atharv does the offering. Vividha says so he needed to do this with my father’s cash. Kailash offers for 25 lakhs. Atharv says 26 lakhs. Kailash says 30 lakhs.

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Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 9th February 2022: Vividha signs Atharv that he will lose. Atharv says 31 lakhs. Kailash says 35 lakhs. Atharv reviews Kailash’s insults. He says 36 lakhs… .. The man asks is any other person offering. Sujata comes there. Kailash gets up and says Atharv, you lose infront of your mom now. He says 40 lakhs. The man asks Atharv will he bid now. Atharv doesn’t offer. Kailash gets the land and wins the bid. Vividha applauds and says well done Papa. Vividha overlooks Atharv and goes. Sujata asks Atharv for what good reason was he doing this. Kailash comes to him.

Never Say Goodbye On Star Life Wednesday 9th February 2022: Kailash says I have put more years around here, than your age, first figure out how to stand then, at that point, walk, else you will fall over your face. He insults Atharv. He asks Sujata not to allow her child to ruin her name, cause him to do some work, Atharv doesn’t know business. Atharv asks will you go without getting congrats. He salutes Kailash and says you are truly capable, else I made you vulnerable to purchase land worth 20 lakhs in 40 lakhs. Kailash becomes irate. Atharv grins.

Kailash says you are showing the land purchased by my cash to me, I won’t allow you to step on my property. Atharv challenges him and says the block I keep here on this land, think this is your girl’s commitment shagun, on the grounds that I will wed your little girl then, at that point… . Vividha gets stunned.


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