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Once There Was A King Friday 20th January 2022: In the royal residence, Gayatri lets Swarna know that she has told Rana ji that they will light the Diwali flame together. Swarna is cheerful, she says that she figured Gayatri should be truly miserable with what Rana ji had said to her. Gayatri says she lacks the capacity to deal with it, she needs to dream and satisfy them. She inquires as to whether she will help her or not. Swarna says she will do it.
They come to kitchen, Gayatri says to Swarna that she needs to know why royal residence has come indebt of her dad. Swarna says that she has been raised in a royal residence, she will show her the illustrious kitchen.

She shows Gayatri a sack loaded with almonds, Swarna says that Laksh likes almonds so they were brought from Kashmir, he ate a couple and the rest will be tossed. There is one more container of English wine, however Kunwar ji doesn’t drink the second taste from one jug. She shows her the olive oil that was imported from unfamiliar for Raaj Mata ask she prefers its aroma. She informs Gayatri concerning the store that is loaded up with Rashan for illustrious individuals half of which goes squandered.
Gayatri educates the regal cooks that she will take care of the kitchen things from here on out. She keeps two or three ones and teaches them to utilize just these ones. The cook asks Gayatri not to do this, as though there is less oil in Kunwar ji’s food he will beat him hard. Gayatri says she will answer every one of the inquiries posed to them. She advises the cook to purge every one of the containers of wine in a pail.
Laksh and Kunwar ji were searching for their wine bottles. Laksh calls a worker, he lets Laksh know that he exhausted the containers of wine in a pail. Laksh was going to beat him, Gayatri goes into the room.

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She lets them know that she has taken the obligations of accounts of regal royal residence today. She has tossed every one of the jugs of wine, she educates the cook to toss the left wine too. Gayatri says that the wine bottles accompany illustrious money, it very well may be against his dignity to drink from the imperial funds so she finished this pattern herself. Kunwar ji says she is slighting them. Gayatri says she doesn’t plan to, the royal residence is turning into an ocean of obligation and they are inclining toward British government just with it. Assuming they have any inquiries with it, they should bring them up before Rana ji. Gayatri goes to leave and watches Rana ji paying attention to all the discussion, he grins and leaves.
On the table, Raaj mata reports that today the food was ready by Gayatri in her oversight. They all like the food. Laksh inquires as to why it is so unique. Gayatri says that this food has less oil and masala, from today such food will be ready in the castle.

Once There Was A King Friday 20th January 2022: Gayatri says this is good food. Kunwar ji considers it helpless’ food. Gayatri says that food is rarely poor, it is the person who eats who is poor or rich. Kokilla and Kunwar ji starts to revile the food now. Kunwar ji asks how he can even permit this in the castle. Rana ji reminds Kunwar ji that he is a fighter, it isnt an officer’s temperament to stress over food. He lets Laksh know that the acknowledgment of a castle isnt with their food yet with their doings. This is a negligible make a difference to remark on. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that she has taken a troublesome tast to change the years old customs, yet this is the thing that a Raani does. She says that there a truism, better safe than sorry.

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Once There Was A King Friday 20th January 2022:The Minister accompanies a letter from British government. Raaj mata advises him to come thereafter, however Rana ji says had it not been significant he wouldn’t have upset. The pastor says it’s anything but an uplifting news. He peruses a letter, Rana Indravadhan Singh has been accused to wed a non Rajput young lady without consent, the British government is putting a 10,000 fine on Rana ji, in the event that the fine isn’t paid the British government should take the crown from Rana ji. Rana ji is furious and stands saying were British not burnt out on deciding India that now they have begun to administer is close to home life too. Raaj Mata says the royal residence is as of now torn, it will be an issue for them. Rana ji says the British should return each and all that they are doing. He lets Raaj Mata know that she was glad that Gayatri set aside them cash, this is the expense that the royal residence should pay for her. He lets them know all the appreciate food now.

PRECAP: Gayatri gives adornments to Mr. Wilkinson’s as fine. Mr Wilkinson’s calls Rana ji in presence of Kunwar ji. He says to Rana ji that his better half has paid the fine, she is a sharp young lady and can successfully be a Raani.


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