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Once There Was A King Monday 17th January 2022: Gayatri says to her maa that she was correct, the individuals who fly too high tumble down without any problem. Gayatri embraces her maa and cries.
Rana ji comes inside to see Kunwar ji and Kokilla were attempting to stop Bari Raani maa who was leaving. Rana ji stops her and says nobody at any point goes out. Bari Raani maa says this isnt her own home. Rana ji asks who did this? Bari Raani maa advises him to ask Raaj Mata. Everybody checks out Raaj Mata standing higher up. Bari Raani maa says that she examined Raaj Mata concerning her little girl in law and was offended in kind. Today she has understood that means are steps.

Seth ji attempts to let his significant other know that he had no choice. She didn’t address him. He was fretful, he says Gayatri is his little girl, for what reason would he do it intentionally. She inquires as to why he is explaining, individuals say that he is the greatest finance manager of the city, as she would see it he is the most unfortunate. He exchanged his own girl. Why he didn’t tell her or Gayatri. They watch Gayatri coming there, Seth ji asks what had occurred in Royal Palace. Gayatri says that her better half thinks she is likewise associated with this exchange. She says that today her regard has been harmed, she can pardon him for his exchange by what might be said about her selfrespect. She says she needs to return him something, she gives him every one of his gifts and says she is the little girl of a financial specialist, so he should get all his speculation back. She says he has get everything back as well, his little girl and her gems. Seth ji gets on the floor saying he has broken their trust, he was clear in the entirety of his estimations for the duration of his life, yet he fizzled in computations of his girl’s bliss. He says that he is her dad and will forever remain with her, he will do what no dad could possibly do to a little girl. He keeps a hand on Gayatri’s head and says he will forever keep his girl with him.

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Once There Was A King Monday 17th January 2022: Bari Raani maa says she is genuine Raajput, she can give her head yet not her regard. Rana ji stops her, he says that he can say nothing to Raaj Mata except for he will simply call Gayatri to apologize her. He applauds, the worker illuminates him that Gayatri has left the castle. Bari Raani maa grins, Raaj Mata asks how might she do this. Bari Raani maa salutes Raaj Mata that in the house where girl in law’s arrived in a Doli and left later passing, the little girl in law has left inside ten days of marriage. This is a recent fad in the royal residence, yet this is Raaj Mata’s home. She is a visitor here and needs to leave. Rana ji apologizes, Bari Raani maa inquires as to why rebuff himself for other’s mix-up. Rana ji takes a gander at Raaj Mata, Raaj Mata says she is sorry for whatever she had said. Bari Raani maa says atleast she has figured it out. Rana ji asks is she not leaving. Bari Raani maa says her injury is new, she needs to go at this moment. She will return when this injury is filled. She leaves. Rana ji says to Raaj Mata that Bari Raani maa has excused her, however he will neither pardon her not Gayatri.

The following morning, Rana ji plays weapon shooting, recalling Gayatri. Bari Raani maa had instructed him not to do this trade off of marriage without affection. Raaj Mata comes out. She asks Rana ji for what reason he put his weapon down, atleast this time his displeasure will be focused on the best thing. He asks what she implies. Raaj Mata inquires as to why he is irate that honest young lady, what she has done.
Maa comes to Gayatri who was perched on her head. She helps her to remember a lehnga saying she needed all the time to wear it, yet one day she said that she has grown up at this point. Maa says that lehnga is as yet unchanged, she has grown up as it were. Previously, this was her room yet today she is staying here on the bed however isnt here, on the grounds that she doesn’t have a place with here.
Raaj Mata says he realized she is leaving the castle, still he let her leave. Rana ji says he more likely than not halted somebody who was really leaving. She played such deceives to arrive, she won’t leave this spot so natural.

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Gayatri inquires as to whether she doesn’t miss her. Maa says that there is no young lady on the planet who won’t think later marriage that she should get back. Also assuming that she remains here she should bear the insults of society for entire of her life. Gayatri says she is familiar with it and is prepared. Maa inquires as to for what reason isn’t she prepared to retaliate then, at that point.
Raaj mata says she left the castle since he offended her, presently he will get her covered. Rana ji says it will not be required, her Rani Gayatri Devi will return to royal residence till night. Raaj Mata inquires as to whether she doesn’t return? Rana ji says on the off chance that she doesn’t return around evening time, he will acknowledge all that Raaj Mata needs to say to him however assuming she returns his perspective will be legitimized. What’s more he is certain his perspective is correct.

Once There Was A King Monday 17th January 2022: Maa says to Gayatri that she has consistently battled in her life from every one of the difficulties and battles. She inquires as to whether Gayatri will get crushed by this test in her life. She says that even fire needs to battle with air to continue to consume, today assuming Gayatri doesn’t retaliate she will lament for her lifetime that she lost her adoration for existence with her own hands. Gayatri wipes her tears.

PRECAP: Rana ji held a wine glass close by and says to Gayatri that she can never prevail upon Indravadhan. She has got what she needed, and turned into the Rani of Rana ji yet she won’t ever get Indravadhan. Raaj mata was additionally there.


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