Once There Was A King Tuesday 4th January 2022 Zee World Update

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Once There Was A King Tuesday 4th January 2022: Yashoda carries Gayatri to kitchen. Gayatri asks the buttler his name that was Dhanya. Gayatri was stressed that she should cook in such garments. Dhanya asks Gayatri what she will cook, and takes name about non-veg food. Gayatri says she will just cook veg dishes. Dhanya was going to caution her that nobody eats veggie lover here, yet Kokilla comes and indignantly says assuming he will train the Raani now. Gayatri informs Kokilla regarding her menu. Kokilla thinks nobody eats veg here still she says they will all like the upside.
At the table, Kokilla anticipates Gayatri’s cooking to unveil to everybody. Raaj Mata advises Gayatri to sit with Rana ji at which she gets stunned, Raaj Mata gestures at her and afterward Rana ji. Rana ji offers a seat to Gayatri. At the point when the food is served, Gayatri stands serve. Bari Raani maa advises her to sit, there are workers for this. At the point when the food is served, Bari Rani maa says that this non veg food is superior to they had at any point eaten. Gayatri thinks she just prepared veg food, how it went to non-veg. Raaj mata advised her workers to blend meat in the food Gayatri prepared as she knew nothing about the courses in royal residence.

Once There Was A King Tuesday 4th January 2022: Gayatri feels nauseatic, she goes to regurgitation and gets back to table. Kunwar is stressed what befell her. Rana ji says sickening, excuse me, he isnt hungry any more. Gayatri was going to go behind him, Bari Raani maa asks Gayatri for what good reason she slighted everybody on the table like this, assuming she was unwell she ought to have told them previously. Why she felt nauseated by the food she, when all is said and done, had cooked. Gayatri says she didn’t prepare this food. Bari Raani maa asks she didn’t prepare the food. Gayatri says she had prepared food, however this isnt that food. She tells her that she cooked Shahkahari, she can’t see non-veg. Bari raani maa stops her and asks who broke their practice, who changed the food? Nobody answers. Raaj Mata acknowledges at long last that she did this. She blended meat in Raani’s cooking.

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Gayatri’s sibling come to illustrious castle. A worker causes them to sit in the parlor, he goes to tell Raaj Mata. The siblings say they have shown up to take Gayatri. The siblings were cheerful this is the principal kitchen of Gayatri, everybody should appreciate.
Raaj Mata says she realizes Gayatri is non-veg. Bari Raani maa says it isnt Gayatri’s slip-up yet Raaj Mata’s. Bari raani maa says that it is a relative obligation to show a little girl in law the patterns and customs of the house. One should finish the obligations of a mother by marriage to take the freedoms of being one.

Raaj mata says she likewise needed to say this to her numerous multiple times. Kokilla says whoever did this, it was genuinely awful one. Raaj Mata says she did everything to save Gayatri from the insults of individuals. The worker comes there, yet Kunwar ji advises him to leave. Bari Raani maa says she probably showed Gayatri the methods of Rajput as opposed to covering her mix-up. Gaytari says it was her misstep, she ought to have gotten some information about the patterns here. However, she was unable to in any case have cooked non veg, Bari Rani maa says on the off chance that one gets connected with lion, they should likewise become accustomed to seeing blood. She is Raani of Amirkot now, she should figure out how to live as per patterns here. Bari Raani maa says to Raaj Mata that she has brought a cow between lions, this all needed to occur. She leaves the table furiously, saying to Raani ji that this needed to occur.

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Once There Was A King Tuesday 4th January 2022: The worker carries water to the siblings, they say they can’t take water and gets some information about Raaj mata. The siblings say she will call them soon. Rana ji shows up in the hallway yet continues on disregarding them. In the hallway, Kokilla was sitting tight for Rana ji, when he shows up the two of them talk about that nobody throughout the entire existence of royal residence left the primary cooking like this. Kokilla says another girl in law’s appearance is invited by Ramain, and they can’t help thinking about what will occur in the castle in the occasions to come. Rana ji imagines that this young lady isnt worth being a princess.

PRECAP: Bari raani maa lets Gayatri know that this custom will end when Rana ji will return to bring her home. Rana ji figures he won’t ever go to bring her back, Kokilla figures she won’t ever allow it to end. Gayatri joyfully leaves the castle.


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