Once There Was A King update Wednesday 2nd February 2022 Zee world

Once There Was A King update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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Once There Was A King update Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Gayatri asks Bari Rani maa where this cover came from. Bari Rani maa says she dispersed cloak among her house keepers for Navratri. Bari Rani maa says she has much more to do, today is Sulakshna’s birthday and she needs to make her up also. Gayatri guarantees her that she will do everything. Bari Rani maa says that Sulakshna is so fortunate, she got her as her Sotan (spouse’s subsequent wife).

Sulakshna watches the neckband and says this is truly lovely, he knows her decision. Rana ji says he failed to remember her birthday, he is upset for that. He glances back at Sulakshna who was grinning, he says he will make an honest effort that she continues to grin generally. She accompanies a neckband to him, he says he really wants something from her. Sulakshna says he needs her not to deal with Gayatri like a house keeper. Rana ji says that Gayatri misled her as a result of him. Sulakshna says she can deny nothing he says, however this will not be free.

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Rana ji asks what? She says she isn’t requesting that he send Gayatri away. Rana ji asks what she needs. Rana ji says they are Rajput and will keep the guarantee, she should be aware of it. She comes to Rana ji and requests that he give her the freedoms of a spouse, and return her adoration to her. She requests that he let this evening be their evening. Gayatri comes and hears this all, as Sulakshna keeps a hand on his shoulder and asks him one night as a gift. Rana ji holds her hand away and leaves. Gayatri additionally leaves, yet Rana ji stops her in the hall. Sulakshna comes behind them.

Gayatri goes to check out her, Rana ji additionally takes a gander at Sulakshna. She says that she trusts Rana ji will come early this evening and leaves. Rana ji goes to Gayatri, she says she needn’t bother with any explanation. She says this evening, he should take a choice. Also that choice isn’t so much for one evening yet for a day to day existence time, she says that in this battle, possibly she will succeed totally or lose totally.

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Once There Was A King update Wednesday 2nd February 2022: She leaves. Rana ji likewise heads inside. Jhumki cheers that when Bari Rani maa was conceived 100 fox should have kicked the bucket. Bari Rani maa says a ton must be done this evening. She says this evening, when an anklet is tie in the feet of regard, Rana ji will cry blood.

In the royal residence, Bari Rani maa invites Rana ji. She says to Rana ji that one needs to consume this evening, to ease up the Amirkot’s high position. He should take the choice on schedule. Gayatri assists Sulakshna with preparing, Sulakshna requests that she do everything quick, everybody should be sitting tight for her. Gayatri prickles her own hand with the Maang tikka. Sulakshna wears it and sticks it on her veil. Gayatri asks why it didn’t hurt all over.

Jhumki rehashes her ‘Oo teri’. Gayatri is ready once more, yet Sulakshna pulls it together. She says to Gayatri that she needs to make Rana ji so glad this evening that he forgets all that occurred behind her of all time. She advises Gayatri to prepare, and figures she will turn the game this evening.

Raaj Mata comes to open a closet, she imagines that she won’t let Gayatri down in hands of Sulakshna this evening. Bari Rani maa locks her inside the room. Raaj mata continues to thump the entryway. Bari Raani maa giggles that she was abundantly stressed over Gayatri, presently she will remain secured in the room.

In the party, the cake shows up. Jhumki again cheer inexpensively rehashing Oo teri. Rana ji gazes at her and says he never saw her so fretful. Sulakshna says she was never this cheerful, she requests that Rana ji cut the cake. Rana ji requests to hang tight for Raaj Mata. Bari raani maa says in the event that Raaj Mata isn’t here, she is there. Rana ji says he will get Raaj Mata. Bari Raani maa says Raaj Mata would rather pass on her senior girl in law’s bliss, they should regard her tenacity. Rana ji takes a gander at Gayatri and afterward Sulakshna and head to cut the cake. Sulakshna holds Rana ji’s arm, Gayatri doesn’t glance toward them.

Bari Raani maa requests to place the cake in Sulakshna’s mouth as she did. He maintains her. Bari Raani maa requests that Gayatri improve Sulakshna’s mouth, as it is her birthday. Gayatri comes to place cake in Sulakshana’s mouth, Bari Raani maa requests that Sulakshna give it to Gayatri also. Gayatri says she can’t eat it, it contains egg. Sulakshna derides Gayatri for being a vegan, she says Gayatri won’t ever have the option to gain proficiency with the ceremonies of castle.

Once There Was A King update Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Rana ji stops Sulakshna. Gayatri says it is about sweet and calls for sugar, Sulakshna places a spoon in Gayatri’s mouth. Gayatri wishes Sulakshna, Sulakshna asks her for a gift. Gayatri asks what else is still needing to be given, however what she needs. Sulakshna needs her to make this evening significant, she had professed to be her house keeper and this evening she should move in this get-together.

PRECAP: Gayatri moves, Rana ji feels hurt on the seat. He grips his clench hand.


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