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Once There Was A King Wednesday 19th January 2022: Seth ji sat upset, Maa comes to him and says that his demonstration hurt his girl the most. She says that he has trained her to retaliate, presently she wants fortitude to satisfy her fantasy in that huge castle. She advises him to proceed to meet her for some time.
Gayatri sat in her room, crying over Rana ji’s words. A worker comes to tell her that her dad has come to meet her. Gayatri gets energized, then, at that point, figures he will not have the option to see her along these lines. She advises the worker to tell her dad she isnt feeling great, she teaches him to not release him without supper. She was drinking the water then, at that point, thinks a spouse whose husband hasn’t acknowledged her can’t drink water.

The worker tells Seth ji that Raani isnt feeling good, and she has trained to not release him without supper. Seth ji says he doesn’t eat a chomp from girl’s home. Gayatri was hearing this all, she turns and observes a house cleaner who says the time has come to plan nourishment for sanctuary. Gayatri says she will do that. Kokilla comes to kitchen, she jolts and the plate tumbled off. She says to Gayatri that Gayatri is so improper, even this platter fell on the floor with a little jerk however she was offended by her significant other so seriously, still she is standing indecently here. Raaj Mata stops Kokilla, she says that she will currently talk and Kokilla should hear. She stops the workers and advises them to see the dramatization, she lets Kokilla know that she was raised in a castle, and still her person is so down.

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She says to Kokilla that whatever was between Rana ji and Raani Gayatri involves life partners. Rana ji can’t take Gayatri’s right of being a Raani. She reminds Kokilla that every one of the heads that are raised against Raanis doesn’t remain on the body for quite a while. She advises Kokilla to apologize Kokilla. Kokilla apologizes. Raaj Mata inquires as to whether they heard something. Kokilla rehashes out loud, crying, to excuse her. Raaj Mata says that she can leave now. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that she is a Raani, she should figure out how to answer her affront. She advises her to prepare, individuals are holding on to see their new Raani.

Once There Was A King Wednesday 19th January 2022: Kokilla comes to the room crying. Kokilla says there was a great deal of affront. Kunwar asks before whom. Kokilla says everybody. Kunwar ji inquires as to why she is so disturbed. Kokilla says affront was hers, Raaj Mata requested that she apologize Gayatri before everybody.
Individuals applauded Gayatri, Gayatri comes to the stage. Raaj Mata that this is interestingly that individuals of Amirkot have come to see the new Raani. She illuminates Gayatri that till about fourteen days from now, individuals will come to give gifts to Gayatri. This is a method of their regarding. Individuals come to meet Gayatri as she gets gift. Seth ji comes covered face, he gives her whistle to her, he says he is likewise among individuals of Amirkot, his girl lives here and is truly irate at her; assuming she meets her she should give it to her and say to her that her dad is truly embarrassed about what he has done to her. She should likewise tell her that her excursion is truly intense in the castle, this will advise her that her dad’s supplications are with her, this gift will invigorate her get her affection. Gayatri heads towards Seth ji who was leaving, Raaj Mata stops her and tells her not. Individuals hooted for Gayatr who wipes her tears once more.

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Rana ji was rehearsing toxophilism, Gayatri shows up from the primary entryway. She comes before his bow, both move towards one another. Rana ji inquires as to whether she needs to fault him for homicide being the point of his bolt. Gayatri says that he did what’s needed bolts on her yesterday, this piece of steel isn’t anything before that all. She says yesterday was his turn, today it is hers. He heads to leave, Gayatri says that a couple have the connection of balance. Today he should pay attention to her responses, she asks that the castle is obliged by various financial specialists, did he at any point think why Raaj mata just brought the proposition at her home and not elsewhere, on the grounds that it was in destiny. Relations are tied in this world however are made in skies, God needed them to be life partners.

Once There Was A King Wednesday 19th January 2022: He can’t break this connection. Her mix-up was that she adored, and assuming it is sin she is glad to have submitted this. This is destiny that she cherishes him and he loathes her. Presently all the general public will see that the force of affection is more grounded than disdain. She guarantees that till Diwali, his disdain will lose before her affection. Rana ji says that he guarantees that till Diwali, he will return every single penny of her dad, when there will be no base for this connection he will send her out of the royal residence and his life. Gayatri says that being a spouse, she will assist him with paying his obligation and afterward they will light the flame together at Diwali. She calls for water, then, at that point, orders the worker to serve the food. The worker was stunned, she turns and inquires as to whether he was unable to tune in. She tells Rana ji that her conflict is longer, she should eat something to get energy, transforms and goes into the royal residence.

PRECAP: Gayatri says to Kunwar ji’s family that being a Raani, she is watching the costs of Royal castle today. Laksh has a protest, Gayatri says that assuming anybody has an issue they can get the inquiry front of Rana ji. Rana ji was hearing this all, Gayatri passes from behind him and both glance at one another.


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