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Perfect Husband Friday 17th December 2021: Rangeela relinquishes the entryway. Pushkar figures out how to venture outside. It is you right? You are rendering retribution from me yet I wont let you succeed Vidhita! I will disappear from you and this spot! Rangeela illuminates everybody that Pushkar is dead frightened. He is sure it is Vidhi’s phantom who is looking for retribution from him. Kabeer says we should make our next stride now. Rajshri comments that the subsequent stage should be extremely critical. With this, we need to cause him to acknowledge his wrongdoings. Assuming we submit any error here then it will go down the channel.

Pushkar comes ground floor holding a bag and observes his mom crying. She lets Pushkar know that there is no fresh insight about Vidhi. The quantity of NGO individuals is falling off as well. Trust she is fine. She sees his bag. Is it safe to say that you are heading off to some place? We are so worried about Vidhi and you couldn’t care less? He denies. I’m going to Delhi to look into her as it were. Rajshri shares that he want not go there. I have observed that this number assuming Jodhpur’s number. I have the location also. We should proceed to look into it. Rangeela motions Pushkar against it. Pushkar exhorts his mom not to lose trust. Possibly Vidhi will come today. He takes the subtleties from her and offers to track down additional with regards to it He takes Rangeela with him. Rajshri tells Bela’s mom the time has come to execute their subsequent stage.

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Pushkar comes to the area given by his mother. Kabeer has fitted an amplifier and camera in each room. We will terrify Pushkar such a lot of that he will admit every one of his wrongdoings. Rajshri advises Vidhi and Badri to enter from the indirect access. There shouldn’t be any slip-up.

Perfect Husband Friday 17th December 2021: Pushkar tells Rangeela it appears there can’t be anybody here. It is abandoned. Rangeela proposes exploring once since they are here. I observe this spot tormented. Pushkar demands Vidhi is dead. We need to discover who is playing with Ma’s feelings and what their goal is. Rangeela gestures. Pushkar calls out assuming somebody is there. They hear a commotion and pivot alarmed. Pushkar notice a paper sack with two eyes. He reviews how he had worn a comparable sack over his face before. He directs it toward Rangeela yet Rangeela claims he can’t see anybody. His telephone rings and he pardons himself. Vidhi ducks when Pushkar turns toward her.

Pushkar glances another way and Vidhi shows up again with that paper pack veil. He is gone ballistic. She ducks and eliminates it when he turns once more. He continues to glance various ways out of dread. Who is it? Vidhi talks utilizing a mike. How might you fail to remember this cover? You utilized it to conceal your personality previously. You have harmed many individuals with its assistance. Vidhi wears the veil again and ventures forward. He requests to realize who is it. He lifts his hand and consuming fax falls over his hand (with a rope pulled by Vidhi). He thinks about the past. Vidhi asks Pushkar how he is feeling subsequent to encountering this aggravation. You have harmed individuals likewise previously. She covers her face with a red tone and steps forward. He cautions her to remain away. She requests equity. Show your genuine face and review all that you have done to me!

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Kabeer and Rajshri are watching the video. Kabeer tells Rajshri they are on the correct way. Pushkar’s dread will very before long make him fall in our snare.Vidhi stows away again and utilizations the mike. I need to hear all your wrongdoings from your mouth today! He yells at her to come before him. Venture forward once. He begins tossing stuff around arbitrarily. tells Kabeer Pushkar is turning wild. Where could Payal be? Kabeer is certain Payal has stowed away some place. Pushkar will very before long admit his wrongdoings.Vidhi yells as she gets injured. Pushkar gets ready. Phantoms never get injured however I heard somebody shout in torment. Vidhi runs. Pushkar travels toward her. Kabeer, Rajshri and Rangeela are concerned as they can’t see Vidhi or Pushkar any longer. Pushkar observes blood stains on the floor. This phantom can get injured and is injured? It implies Payal/Vidhi is alive! Vidhi is certain Pushkar would have heard her shout. He currently realizes I am alive. He would have perceived that I am not an apparition. I ought to leave!

Rajshri focuses at the screen. Pushkar ventures back with collapsed hands. If it’s not too much trouble, excuse me Vidhi. I wont do it at any point in the future. Let me know what you need. Kabeer and Rangeela fall in his snare thus does Vidhi. Pushkar asks Vidhi not to terrify him more. I can’t withstand anything else. I will do similarly as you say. Vidhi picks the mike once more. You know what you need to do! You know why I am disturbing you. The very aggravation that you had given me! He consents to go along to all her requests. Quit frightening me and let me be. Kabeer is glad that their arrangement is on the correct way. Rajshri looks dubious.

Vidhi consents to leave. I wont inconvenience you at any point in the future. She asks why Pushkar isn’t answering and emerges from her concealing spot. Pushkar ventures behind some stuff. Vidhi follows him unknowingly. Rangeela and Kabeer get worried for Vidhi. Rajshri is sure something isn’t right. Proceed to keep an eye on her. She may be in a tough situation. Kabeer and Rangeela leave. Rajshri petitions God for Vidhi’s prosperity. Kabeer, Rangeela and Badri don’t find Vidhi anyplace. They spot blood blemishes on the floor. Kabeer illuminates Vidhi that their arrangement has fizzled. Pushkar has presumably left with Vidhi. They surge out.

Perfect Husband Friday 17th December 2021:Flashback shows Pushkar understanding that assuming Vidhi is genuine then Rangeela has misled him. It implies he is their ally. I need to discover what all’s identity is in this arrangement against me. He additionally sees the CCTV camera in the room. It implies there is an amplifier and camera in the room. I need to track down a corner where there is no camera. He strolls to that corner while professing to apologize and takes cover behind a pantry. Vidhi follows him to that spot. Pushkar ventures forward out of nowhere and covers her mouth from behind. I tracked down you Flashback closes.

Pushkar tells Vidhi her gangsters left. You are with me now. We have played sufficient find the stowaway as an apparition. We should play find the stowaway of life and passing at this point.

Precap: Pushkar tells Vidhi one needs to kick the bucket to truly turn into an apparition. Vidhi pushes Pushkar. The facts really confirm that I am Vidhita Chauhan! I was defenseless to allow you to hurt me in any case. I ought to have broken your arm the second you had raised it to hurt me before! You are a creature! Ladies like me ought to consistently handle creatures like you in the main go itself!


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