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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Friday, November 19th 2021: In Perfect Husband Friday, November 19, 2021, Video coming into the room. The petals fell on him. She asked what all of this. He says you have kept fast for me, you do not have food, I thought to do something for you, I have organized this for Shuddi you, you will get a pure body and heart. He showed the scissors and said the wrong instrument.

He’s got a comb. He combed his hair. She asks him not to do this. She said I like the way you request. She applies her uptan and praise. He said just go and change, then dinner, clean up this mess first. He goes. He said it was difficult to understand the next step.

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Vidhi got food for everyone. Rajshri ask him to sit down and have a meal. Pushkar says do not forget me, mother. Rajshri presents its khichdi. Pushkar remember that he did not like chili khichdi and added in it. Vidhi eat and cough. He gave her water. He asks her to have it, that’s her fav khichdi. She coughs and fled.

Perfect Husband Friday, November 19th 2021: Maasa say congratulations, Rajshri you will be grandmum a. Pushkar cough. Rajshri smile. He said we would take Vidhi for a check-up tomorrow.

He said it was impossible, Vidhi and I do not have a husband-wife relationship. She asks what. She said I would handle Vidhi. She asks him to swear at him and say only the truth.

He said Vidhi do not want to have intercourse until she trusts him. He said Vidhi promised that he would fix everything. She said I cared for relationship and agreed to her, I can not see tears in your eyes, I will go and see it. He goes.

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She said I failed in getting the perfect wife for my son, the day when Pushkar patience ends will be the last day for Vidhi here. Bela say congrats on the good news. Meera tempting Vidhi.

Vidhi will be surprised. Pushkar say you leave the table and everyone gets wrong. They’re all gone. He scolds Vidhi for breaking his promise. She said she had been crying for you, you make another mistake, I do not forgive anyone, you will be punished now.

He says if you try to hurt me, I’ll scream. He said mothers should know that we do not have a relationship, the mother can not tolerate this, you do not know what I went through seeing the tears.

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He said that what happened was not my fault. He was holding his neck. Dia menghormati scolds her and demands from him. He fought and fainting. He will be surprised and his leaf.


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