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Perfect Husband Friday 26th November 2021 |:The episode begins with Damini said the woman is a multi tasker. Pushkar says yes, well I came and got to know his truth. They asked Vidhi to go and enjoy the party. Vidhi go. Pushkar see some pics. Vidhi think I want Damini find the disease unknowingly.

Damini said the so-called abstract painting, what do you think of seeing them. He said that I felt like someone strangling someone in this painting, and this one, I felt like a lonely child sitting sad. He said as the dog gets crushed under the car quickly, what you think. He says you are very creative. He was grateful, and said I’m glad the meeting, I had to go to my wife now.

He goes. Meera and Max dancing closely. Pushkar see them and angry. Vidhi thought to speak with Damini. He goes. He said Pushkar is a strange behavior, he knows about us. Damini said I did not know it, I should know, he’s very dangerous, its double face exit when something happens against his wishes, love and hatred has no limits.

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Perfect Husband Friday 26th November 2021 |: Pushkar makes Meera and Max go. Meera says you …. Damini said he had a wrong perception, I have shown him a few paintings, he had seen only one, maybe he did wrong with the animals, dogs in childhood. Pushkar said caught you and laugh. He said Max, you dance well, Meera know Max well. Meera smiled and asked them to speak. He goes.

Pushkar says you may have a lot boyfriend is right, not comfortable, the distance from the heart ended in shared secrets. Max says Meera is the first and the last girl in my life. Pushkar said that this great, amazing, let’s get a drink, I’ll just come. Damini said he could go as far as any for one loved. Pushkar looked at them. Damini said he could get dangerous. Vidhi asked could he be treated or not. Damini asks him not to worry, drugging twice. Vidhi sees Pushkar. He’s hiding. Vidhi said he had heard our conversation, I’ll go and apologize to him. They went to check on him. Vidhi went after him and say you are mistaken. He sees other people.

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The man got sick and say you attacked me. He said no, sorry. I think you are attacking me. He said why I will attack on you, why we would have a feud. He said sorry, I’ll get a bandage. He says no, you still sorry, I’ll ask when the right time comes. He thought how to find out about that person. He heard Rangeela and said I had to stop it.

Perfect Husband Friday 26th November 2021 |: Bela stop Rangeela and drunk. Vidhi collide with the same person again. He asks her to dance instead of being apologetic. He said no, I do not like dance, sorry. He asserts. Pushkar viewed Vidhi dancing with him. He imagines that Vidhi happy. He is angry. Sholon si … play …. Pushkar went and took it away. The man said sorry, I had to steal a dance, thank you, enjoy the party. Pushkar tell you too. He danced with Vidhi in Janam Janam ….

Pushkar ask Vidhi to introduce his friend really. Vidhi becomes tense.


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