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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Friday 5th November 2021:The Episode starts with Pushkar saying I did this to change your mood, sorry, I can’t see tears in your eyes. He wipes her tears. He gets a call from Rajshri. He says yes mom, Vidhi felt her imp thing is left there, don’t worry, she got it. He ends call and says her smile…. She smiles.

Badri drives ahead. Rangeela walks on the road and ruins the garlands. His friends ask what happened, you got married to Bela, she is your wife, even if you like her, we thought her family will accept you, we told this to everyone, we did arrangements to do her Grahpravesh, people will make fun of you knowing your bride has run away. Rangeela gets angry and says Ashwin made me out, you both ruined my respect in village.

He cries. His friends apologize. Rangeela asks them to leave, Rajshri and Meera welcome Pushkar and Vidhi. Meera asks for shagun. Rajshri does the aarti. She smiles seeing Vidhi. She does their Grahpravesh. Randhir says your freedom is gone now. Charu and Randhir joke. Rajshri says I wanted my choice to become my son’s choice. Vidhi and Pushkar enter the house.

Charu says you can’t go to room, we are going to play funny games. Rajshri says yes, we have to fulfill some rituals. Pushkar and Vidhi play the ring finding game. Vidhi gets the ring. Meera says Vidhi has won. Charu says Pushkar, you lost to Vidhi, she will get house control.

Perfect Husband Friday 5th November 2021:Charu asks them to open the thread by one hand. She asks Pushkar not to lose. Pushkar hurts Vidhi’s hand. She sees him. He opens the thread from her wrist. He wins and smiles. He says I love to win. Pushkar says everything is fair in love and war. Charu says I thought you will become wife’s puppet.

Rajshri says Vidhi, you have come, my family got completed, my blessing is always with you. Charu jokes. Meera says I will leave Vidhi to room now. Randhir drinks and gives a drink to Pushkar too. He says you have to dance on wife’s signal now.

Pushkar says I m that tiger, by whose roar, the hunter drops the gun. Randhir says I m too drunk, I will go. Nivedita misses Vidhi. She says its Vidhi’s phone. Ashwin says don’t tell her about Bela. Vidhi says everything is fine here, I m feeling strange. Nivedita says you scared me by calling now, you will need time to adjust. Vidhi asks her to manage Ashwin.

Nivedita says he will be fine. Vidhi asks how is Bela now. Nivedita says its all fine, we miss you, we will talk tomorrow when you come for pagphere. Vidhi says I also miss you all. Pushkar stops Badri from getting Vidhi’s bags. Kaka says its Vidhi’s bags.

Pushkar says keep it in storeroom. Badri sends Bhairav kaka. Pushkar says old things and old relations are like junk, throw this out, Vidhi will get everything that she needs. Badri signs about Rajshri.

Perfect Husband Friday 5th November 2021:Pushkar says maybe you are right, don’t throw it right now, keep this in storeroom. He sees Vidhi’s laptop. He says so Vidhi used to write those beautiful things in this laptop, now she has become my wife, a lot will change in her life. Badri looks on and goes.

Vidhi says you had to come, as Ashwin chose you. She says last time, it was my decision to choose that guy. Pushkar sees a couple and imagines Vidhi. He gets angry.


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