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Perfect Husband Monday 22nd November 2021: He began his episode with Meera saw Vidhi and signed aid. Maasa says I will manage the kitchen with Vidhi. Rajshri said I knew, Pushkar came with me, the Groom’s family came home. Vidhi thinks how to stop this alliance. Vidhi does work in the kitchen and lose attention. Pushkar came and said extraordinary chaos. He asked him to clean up the mess and get ready before the guest arrived.

He goes. Vidhi says I think drugs affect rights. Charu introduced the man Harish and parents. Meera was angry and threw items in her room. Vidhi came to bring it. He said there was nothing wrong, we would get time, I’ll talk to Mum. Meera said remember, I rely on you. Vidhi gets meera. Meera greeted her family. They asked Meera and Harish talks. Pushkar said Meera shy, she won’t feel comfortable going alone. Vidhi said I would go alone. Meera spoke harsh roughly. He tried to get a canceled alliance. Vidhi tried to calm the situation.

He said we will be back now. He said sure. Meera said now she will refuse and leave. Charu asks how you like our Meera. Harish said I like Meera, he was innocent and naughty, he was simple and honest, he didn’t lie to me, it was amazing. Meera and Vidhi were surprised. Everyone smiles. Meera signed Vidhi. Mrs. Harish asks meera how she likes Harish. Meera left.

Perfect Husband Monday 22nd November 2021: Rajshri said he was embarrassed. Charu said that means it’s him. Pushkar hugged Haris. Rangeela wish you a happy pushkar. Charu said the two families agreed now, why don’t we do razor, we are all together. They agree. Harish’s mother said we had to make preparations for tilating. Charu said we should not postpone it. Daily mother agreed. Vidhi says no, we are not ready. They were surprised.

Maasa says Vidhi is not healthy, he is worried for small things. Charu asked Vidhi to go to the room and sleep. Harish’s father said children took tension for all. Rajshri said we would prepare to tilak.

Rangeela and default dance in Pie Cutie. Rajshri raises Rasam. Meera’s concern. Vidhi goes to talk to Meera. Meera made her out of the room. Vidhi said your anger was justified, I would not let something wrong happen.

Rajshri cooked food. Charu praised him. He asked Vidhi to go out. Vidhi thinks how to add medicines in the pushkar room. Rajshri asked the maid to bring Kheer to pushkar. Vidhi said I would take it for him. He went to Pushkar and said Mum made your favorite dish for you.

Perfect Husband Monday 22nd November 2021: He happily ate it. He said I saw your happiness. He says I thought you wanted to ask me something. She said yes, I need to talk. He said you can not cook like my mother, she cooks well, you might be jealous, normal. He said no. He asked for water. He got water for her. He says I need to talk to you, Meera loves someone, he is meera bf. He was surprised. Vidhi says they really love each other, Meera could not stay happy with other people. He threw water on his face. He cries.

Pushkar angry at Vidhi. Meera talk with Max. Meera was surprised to see … ..



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