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Perfect Husband Monday 7th december 2021: The episode starts with Rajshri thinking about Vidhi and crying. Pushkar came there. Vidhi’s photo falls and breaks. He took a frame and cried considering Vidhi. Pushkar is located on his lap and takes his sympathy. Rajshri thinks of Pushkar’s words. Matron comes to Vidhi and asks why you sit here, if you want satisfy here, you have to follow the rules. Vidhi left. Kabeer Parte with her friends. He told Jesi what all changed in the past two months. Pari sees. Kabeer said I had to match the speed of life.

Kabeer Thank you Pari for support and said I felt someone’s responsibility did not be a burden for me. They embrace. Vidhi wrote his feelings in diaries and crying. He thought of going near the lake, maybe he got something that connected him to his past. He heard a voice and went to check. He was afraid to see someone. He said it didn’t enter, I’ll shout. He saw Kabeer. He entered and greeted him. He asked what you did here, his girl hostel. He gave his medicines. He read his diary. He stopped him.

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Matron heard his voice. Vidhi asked him to leave. Kabeer said I had worked hard and came here, I would sleep. He fell. Vidhi was surprised and asked him to get up. Matron came there and asked who he was hiding. He said I heard the voice of the man here. He hid Kabeer from Matron. Matron said sorry, maybe the voices came from outside.

Perfect Husband Monday 7th december 2021: Vidhi says yes. Matron said there was no man to come to your room, otherwise you would leave this hostel. He asked, you don’t remember anything. Vidhi signed no. Matron left. Pushkar imagined Vidhi and became afraid. He wakes up and looks around.

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That morning, Vidhi woke Kabeer and reminded him of how he came to give his medicine. He said oh, I think you have called me, I also have a personal life, don’t call me. He asks if you give me your number, you just left me here. He said sorry, I remember, I came to give medicines, I will leave now. He said, don’t go with this door, if the matron sees you, he will get me out of here. He asked him to go to the window. He agreed to leave. Matron came and saw them. He asked Vidhi to pack his bag and leave, it was a big lie.

Perfect Husband Monday 7th december 2021: Kabeer asked her to listen to it. Matron said the girl began to lie, this won’t work here. He said I came here to give him medicine. He was also a lie that he had just arrived. Matron said you also lied to me, you have come last night, you with a payal in his room all night, I will take tight action. Pari comes and cries. He said correctly, you must take strict action.

Pushkar asked Rajshri whether everything was fine, did he go to the forest. Someone saw Vidhi and made a deal with Matron.

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