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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Saturday 11th December 2021: The Episode starts with Nitin asking Vidhi to sit in mandap. She tries to run away. Nitin and goons tie her up and take her back to temple. Her anklet falls down. Nitin tries to forcibly fill her maang. Vidhi resists. Kabeer comes there and stops Nitin. Kabeer recalls leaving from Pari’s house and saying how he made excuses to avoid the marriage talks. His jeep breaks down. He says fuel got over, how far is the petrol pump. He goes by walk. He comes near the temple and see a girl playing with Vidhi’s anklet. He asks the girl about it. The girl says I got it near the temple. FB ends.

Perfect Husband Saturday 11th December 2021: Kabeer says let me talk to her once. He says Payal, you are getting married and didn’t invite me, why. Nitin asks him to talk after marriage. Kabeer says let me talk for two mins. He takes her aside and says don’t move from here. He fights with the goons. He says you should have called me. Vidhi smiles. Kabeer says don’t do this. Nitin shows the knife and threatens him. Kabeer fights them. Nitin and goons push Kabeer and beat him. Kabeer gets dizzy. He takes a coconut and cloth. He ties the coconut in the cloth and beats them up. He runs with Vidhi. Nitin and goons follow. Pushkar thinks is Rangeela saying the truth. He sees Rajshri with the ashes pot.

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She says pandit gave tomorrow’s mahurat for immersing ashes. Kabeer asks Vidhi to board the bus fast. He takes a brick and throws at Nitin. Vidhi asks Kabeer to come soon. Kabeer runs and boards the bus holding her hand. Kabeer kicks away Nitin. Kabeer and Vidhi get saved. They have a talk. She says matron has sold me, she made me meet Nitin and lied that he is my husband, what would I do, when you left me in ashram, you said this place is safe, I will stay happy, you didn’t find about matron, she is so greedy. She says I thought matron is a good lady, I didn’t know she will plan so much in one day, I was trying to do good and got scolding, why didn’t you call me, I m not filmi hero to reach heroine if goons kidnap her, they have beaten me a lot.

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Perfect Husband Saturday 11th December 2021: Pushkar says I thought Vidhi’s last sign will be with me. Rajshri says I want to free you from this pain, this will give soul peace to Vidhi, its imp even for us. He agrees and goes to get ready. Rajshri says Pushkar has to trust me, then he will do some mistake and we can find truth. Badri nods. Kabeer says you should have used your mind. Vidhi says I didn’t remember your number, I told matron that I have to call you, she didn’t allow me, I had no phone to call you, you said our paths are different now, you won’t meet me again. He says sorry and ties her anklet to her wrist. She says just this can make you meet your past.

Vidhi prays in same temple where Rajshri is present. She gets shocked seeing Pushkar.

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