Perfect Husband Saturday 13th November 2021

Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Saturday 13th November 2021:The Episode starts with Pushkar paying someone for the work. Vidhi cooks halwa. Charu says I have spent all the gas by boiling the water. Vidhi says gas got over. Rajshri scolds maid.Vidhi says sorry, I got late. She cooks on traditional stove. Rajshri asks her not to do much work. Charu criticizes her. Badri helps Vidhi. She says I will get halwa soon, you will get double plate halwa, as you helped me a lot. He smiles. Charu says this is result of not seeing


status, its wrong.

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Everyone waits for halwa. Charu asks them to have food. Meera says no, I m waiting for Vidhi’s halwa. Vidhi gets halwa and serves them. She says sorry, you had to wait a lot. Rajshri says its fine. They like the halwa.

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Randhir says its amazing, Pushkar would have eaten it if he didn’t had urgent meeting, Charu also makes tasty food. Rajshri says you have won everyone’s heart. Vidhi gives halwa to Badri. He looks around and eats halwa. She asks him to eat it fast. She asks how is it.

He signs nice and goes. She calls Nivedita and tells about first rasoi. She says Pushkar isn’t at home, don’t know where did he go, is Bela fine. Nivedita says don’t worry, everything is fine, focus on your family. Charu says Rajshri doesn’t know about Pushkar’s wedding night.

Perfect Husband Saturday 13th November 2021:Randhir asks her to think something big. They argue. She says you just know to follow Rajshri and Pushkar. He praises her.

Rangeela says I m feeling hungry. Bela gets food for him. He gets glad. She says you are hungry because of me. She feeds him by her hands. They smile. Pushkar comes. Vidhi says I made halwa, where were you, everyone liked it, have it. Pushkar eats it. She asks for her first rasoi gift, its always surprise for her.

Perfect Husband Saturday 13th November 2021:He gets taunting her and says I will make you meet the gift. He takes her downstairs. He shows some masseur Kasturi. Vidhi gets shocked. Pushkar recalls paying Kasturi. He asks her to keep the secret and help him find out if Vidhi is pure. Kasturi sees Vidhi.

Rajshri says Kasturi is Pushkar’s Daimaa. Pushkar says Vidhi will get massage fast. Vidhi refuses for it. Pushkar asks Kasturi to stay back, he will convince Vidhi.

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