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Perfect Husband Saturday 18th December 2021: Pari shrugs Kabeer’s hand away. What have you thought about me? He demands he was coming straightforwardly to her to Delhi. She reminds him she isn’t a child. Is this how a marriage is? Payal was searching for her past or for you? Nature has played a joke with her yet you have deliberately played a joke with me! He concedes he dint wish to wed in any case. Everybody was later my life. I had no other option except for you! He holds her hand. I’m being straightforward interestingly. You have been my generally excellent companion consistently. I never felt as such with regards to you. I don’t believe the word love by any means. Examiner secures Pushkar a cell. You have played sufficient find the stowaway with law. His family has let me know that he is excessively savvy. He encourages constables to not fall in a way that would sound natural to Pushkar. Pushkar is annoyed with Payal for putting him in jail. She got everybody on her side!

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Pari inquires as to whether he implies what he recently said. I can see it in your eyes. Could you acknowledge it before your companion? Rajshri stops and catches their convo. Kabeer acknowledges he has succumbed to Payal. Pushkar chooses to escape prison as quickly as possible. I wont have the option to escape later. Constables insult him. He advises them to taunt him however much they need to yet all of you have been tricked. Law allows a single opportunity to everybody. Allow me to settle on one decision. I will get you evidence. They are hesitant yet Pushkar demands for a call. Constable permits him. Pushkar figures he will make course of action for Payal’s passing. Constable gives him a PDA. Pushkar figures Payal will be dead before dinnertime. Constables call Pushkar a child. We see so many like you! Pushkar tosses the telephone irately.

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Perfect Husband Saturday 18th December 2021: Pari inquires as to whether he has told Payal or then again assuming that he is tricking her as well. Kabeer says I don’t wish to place her in any issue. Payal is now hitched. Pari is astonished. Rajshri gets strained. Vidhi comes to converse with Rajshri. Rajshri tells her that she isn’t sure Meera and Max will cherish later whatever occurred in the house. Vidhi reasons that two darlings shouldn’t forfeit their adoration for what Pushkar did. Rajshri asks her for what reason she is forfeiting her adoration then, at that point. I realize that you and Kabeer are deficient without one another. Vidhi goes calm. Rajshri says I would think you possibly claim to call me your mom in the event that you will mislead me. Vidhi says Kabeer is an extremely decent person however I am (wedded). She sees her wedding photograph. I have isolated from Pushkar however not from quite a while ago. I would rather not trouble Kabeer with me. He also has a daily existence. He has Pari. We should end this point here. Allow him to carry on with his life joyfully. He has made many penances for me. Kindly let him go. She leaves before Rajshri can do anything. Pushkar is recklessly determined bowed after escaping his cell. He calls a constable nearer and baits him for powerful total. Constable proceeds to return with a plate loaded with green chillies. You may be exceptionally rich yet you can’t buy everyone! We requested this food particularly for you. Saying as much, he leaves. Pushkar gave it to Vidhi previously. He bites onto one stew and tosses the plate furiously.

Pari recommends playing a game. We need to say a word and the individual reclining across from to us need to return with the principal word that strikes a chord. Rangeela is hesitant yet Pari assuages him. Pari begins with the word dread and he answers with Bela’s mom. The real game beginnings. Kabeer and Vidhi get lost briefly. Rajshri says the word love. Kabeer stops while saying Pa and finishes it as Pani (water). Vidhi finishes it as Pari. She pardons herself to check whether food is prepared. Pari takes Kabeer with her.

Pari reprimands Kabeer for losing the brilliant possibility. It was the ideal opportunity to admit your affection. He advises her that Vidhi is hitched. What might she and her family have thought assuming I had said it without holding back? Rajshri says her family would have thought precisely the thing you are thinking. Kabeer and Pari are amazed to see her there. Rajshri says you vowed to return Vidhi her joy. I picked Vidhi for Pushkar. I made her my girl and guaranteed her she will be glad. Marriage joins two hearts. You have gotten Vidhi together with Pushkar and Payal has associated you with Pari. Assuming that you truly wish to witness Vidhi then, at that point, concede your affection to her. I’m giving you this right as her mom. She gives him a rose.

Perfect Husband Saturday 18th December 2021: Vidhi advises herself to keep her feelings under control. Kabeer has done a ton for you. He will be content with Pari as it were. Kabeer inquires as to whether she won’t ever change. She is astounded to see him there. He inquires as to whether she believes herself to be the sharpest young lady on the planet who knows it all. She proposes him to be with Pari. He makes her plunk down and proposes her with a rose. She asks him what it is. He answers that it is his adoration. I realize you are a stupid, duffer young lady! Pari comprehended, Aunty saw yet you are a duffer to not see the amount I love you! She stands up. I’m as of now wedded. He says I am locked in. I’m at any rate not asking Vidhi yet Payal (holding out her anklet). Do you adore me? She checks out the anklet genuinely as he sits tight for his reply. She stays quiet. He tells her he found her solution. He keeps the anklet in her palm and starts to go when Payal shouts to him. What will this inert anklet tell you? You ought to have asked me. He asks her what she implies. She calls him a moron. You don’t comprehend it straightforwardly. I love you as well. She acknowledges his rose. Heartfelt tune plays. He holds her hand. They share an embrace.

Precap: Pushkar pretends to hack gravely. He spews blood. Constable strides in out of concern however Pushkar chokes out him horribly.


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