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Perfect Husband Saturday 4th December 2021:The episode begins with Pushkar came to meet Rajshri and Meera. He said you got a lot leaner, Meera did not care for her. A man collided with him and said sorry. Pushkar asked him to be careful. Pushkar told me I had to leave my wife inside. He’s got a portrait Vidhi. Meera says I’m proud of you and hug me.

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Rajshri not hold his hand and go. Kabeer asked the doctor is Vidhi possible memory loss. Doctors say he is mentally broken, the good news is that he can get his mind right away, the bad news is we can not tell time, it may require a lot of time. He said how I would set it up, I thought I would send him to his family to ask him. Maasa, Rangeara and Bela wait pushkar with a bouquet of flowers. Rajshri got home Pushkar. Pushkar say all this is not necessary.She said I did not do the madness. Rajshri go and

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Got ash Vidhi. Pushkar embrace ash and stepped into the house. The doctor says you have to pay all the bills, we will remove it and send it to you. Kabeer said I am doing this for humanity, it does not mean you send it to me, the police case, sorry I can not handle it, send it to the police. Vidhi’s in the hospital.

Perfect Husband Saturday 4th December 2021:Pushkar spoke with Vidhi photo and smile. She says I never get sick, I have not treated myself. He remembered skipping drugs and put all the drugs in the wall. He says you secretly gave me medicine, I have to torture you in your face. Ward Boy Vidhi see photos made by Pushkar. He thought that Pushkar has taken my name, if I tell the doctor that Pushkar did not take any medication, I’ll lose my job. He took off all medications out of the wall. Pushkar say you know that you can not force me to anything. He behaves angry again. Rangeela come there.

Pushkar asked him to sign. He said I want to fulfill all my duties, being a husband, I’m going to immerse the ashes of my wife. Rangeela say but it’s not gray Vidhi. Pushkar ask what you say, I have changed now, I do not pushkar old now, I made a mistake, it’s time for repentance. He switched on the fan. Fly ash in the eyes of Rangeela. Rangeela shouted. Vidhi take the ashes of his and said Vidhi soul might get mad at you. He tied the Kalash.

Perfect Husband Saturday 4th December 2021:Rajshri come there. Rangeela say I was afraid that Vidhi will be back. Pushkar says I’ve gone to the forest. Rajshri ask the Jungle? When did you go there Pushkar? Pushkar ask Rangeela to go out, he should speak with the mother. He says I can not separate themselves from Vidhi, I could not get out of guilt. He acted and said we had to bid farewell to Vidhi forever, but I want to keep a portion of it, we will go for immersion ash for the peace of his soul. Rajshri cried and said you’re right.

Ashwin Pushkar asked what he did with Vidhi. Kabeer gave anklet to Vidhi. Ashwin slap Pushkar.


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