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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Sunday 21st November 2021: The episode begins with pushkar regulating surprises for Rajshri. Everyone is happy. They have dinner. They thank Pushkar. Pushkar says remaining milk is still left. Vidhi remembers Damini words. Bela and Rangela showed that they would play Antakshari. Pushkar said I had arranged for this too, we will play past the pillow, we will pass this pillow and sing the song.

Randhir plays music. Everyone plays the game. Vidhi tries to add drugs in dangerous milk. He asks what you do. Bela and Rangeela dance. Meera imagined dancing with max. Pushkar sang songs for Vidhi. The main samjahan …plays …. Maasa sang Sasural Genda Phool. Everyone dances.

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Vidhi added pills and gave a milk glass to the pushkar. Pushkar dropped hot candle candles at Vidhi’s feet and smile. Vidhi bears pain. The game continues. Rajshri sang Yashoda Nandlal train … Vidhi cries. Pushkar asked him to sing. He sang Ajeeb Doctor ….. Pushkar feels sleepy. Everyone sleeps.

Perfect Husband Sunday 21st November 2021: Vidhi sat crying. Pushkar wakes up. He said you shouldn’t do this. He thought whether he knew what I had done. He made him sleep. He thought I really love you, I want you to change and be fine, these drugs are the last hope of our relationship. Vidhi called Damini and told what the Pushkar did. Damini is worried about it. Vidhi said I would do anything to restore Pushkar to this family. Maasa and Charu tried to hear. Maasa said something was wrong, I tried to find it.

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Charu asked him to find out. The next morning, Pushkar clothing Vidhi Irons. He woke up and went to him. He said weird, you made food for me and I was sedated, I slept for a long time, what you added in the food. Vidhi becomes tense. He began his frightening conversation and showed how hot iron.

Perfect Husband Sunday 21st November 2021: Vidhi said there was no pushkar. He said I would forgive your mistake, but don’t expect me to love the next time. Pushkar and Rajshri discussed work. Rangeela said I would also come to meet. Bela smile. Pushkar says you are confident, but you have to learn how to work. Charu said I had good news, there was a good alliance for Meera. Meera was surprised.

The man meets Meera. Meera acts rudely. Harish likes meera. Meera was surprised.


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