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Perfect Husband Sunday 6th December 2021 Zee World

Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Sunday 6th December 2021:The episode begins with Vidhi asked where my family. Pushkar say I killed Vidhi, why did you get me back, you have to leave me here, I sent it back. Rajshri cry. Pushkar started drama of guilt. Rajshri ask him for puja is complete, they must perform soaking ash Vidhi. Pushkar agree and lights a diya. Everyone clapped for Vidhi.

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Kabeer say this is your family now, you Payal us, I promised a friend I would work hard to unite you with your family. She asked where you would take me. He would think. Pari come there and say that you Payal, who had grabbed my Kabeer, I’m just kidding. Vidhi cut the cake. Kabeer said Pari, doctors say that they should handover Payal me. Pari asked what do you mean, she will have some family. He said he had lost his family, he’s got a new face,

The police could not help as well, where he will go. Pari says I have an idea. He made them for a girls’ hostel. Vidhi says I have to find my family. Kabeer said to relax, where you will find them and how, to handle myself now, I have been given my number, I’ll get the info first, you will get your family tomorrow.
Pari ask Payal to take this in a positive way, just imagine, a new face and a new identity, you can do anything freely, not beautiful, come with me, do not think much. Vidhi see his face.

Perfect Husband Sunday 6th December 2021:Rajshri think what happened with Vidhi, is Ashwin telling the truth. He viewed Pushkar and wondered why I felt the truth is something else, I have to reach the truth, I want all the answers about the death of this Vidhi. Kabeer asked for Vidhi to come and see the room. Strict warden stopped them. Kabeer joke on him. Kabeer said I do not know Payal full family name and details. The warden told me I could not stand it here without ID proof. Vidhi Pari asked why he was angry.

Pari say you do not know whatever happens, you lose everything in this accident, your identity and your family, Kabeer has changed a lot, it makes you reach the hospital and get you treated, I feel proud of you.

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Vidhi says she gave me a new life. Pari said I knew him since childhood, his promise is imp of happiness, he promised himself that he would not leave until you recover, you got a good look today. Vidhi says he is an angel. Pari say I know you respect her, she has a private life, you can live your life independently, correctly, the day you met Kabeer, it was our wedding, she did not get married to make you reach the hospital. Vidhi asked what, excuse me Pari, I do not know about this.

Pari said it’s not your fault, things are getting better now, why do not we move forward in our own way, Kabeer and I will start our life. Vidhi says sure, I promise I will not trouble you and Kabeer, there is a problem, how my family members would find me. Pari said I would tell you if someone comes from your family, that is my promise. Kabeer said Payal The story and convince the warden.

Perfect Husband Sunday 6th December 2021:Warden says Payal can stay here, he does not have to provide lease. Kabeer said I do not know where I would take Payal, you solved my problem, thank you. He joked. He said the rules of the hostel. Kabeer agree and thank you. Kabeer said all tension had more, mam has allowed Payal to stay here. Pari said it was outstanding, Payal you happy now. Vidhi nodded. Kabeer asked for Vidhi to go to his room. Pari giving his room key. They go. Vidhi visible and wave to them. Warden viewed Vidhi.

Kabeer went to see Vidhi drunk. Vidhi asked him to leave. Warden asked him to open the door.


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