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Perfect Husband Thursday 10th December 2021: The episode starts with the warden getting Vidhi to the temple to get married. He asked Vidhi to marry Nitin and went with him. Vidhi says don’t you think that happens so fast, I don’t remember anything. Matron said I can’t let you stay at a hostel, you don’t need to stay there, you have your husband, understand. He took Vidhi to the mandap. Nitin asked Vidhi to see his parents. The couple came and hugged Vidhi to mislead him. Vidhi doesn’t remember them and ask what their relationship is. They did drama to convince him. They say your memory will come back with this marriage.

Matron said you arranged fake parents too. Nitin said there would be no obstacles from marriage to Suhaagraat. Pari sees Kabir and smiles. He talked about their marriage. He said there was no problem now, good festive from Sankranti treason. He asked what was in a hurry. Pari says you have to tell me when you will get married. His mother asked him whether he loved Pari.

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Kabeer said yes, he was just my GF. He shouted from the window for Aunt Love. Pari says if you are serious about me, I don’t want to wait, you have to decide, you have to get married or not. He acted stomach ache. He said sorry, I had to go to the hospital. Pari stops him and says I will come. Kabeer said you were at home and enjoyed lively. Pushkar looked for his phone.

Perfect Husband Thursday 10th December 2021: Rajshri asks you to find this. He was surprised. He asked him to be careful and look after the phone. He got narcissistic with children. He thought I didn’t expect him to have a demon in him, I didn’t know if he was still a demon, I would find the truth of this Vidhi death. Vidhi sees people and feels weird. He asks who they are. Nitin said they were my younger brothers. Matron said my work was finished, giving me money, I would leave. Nitin says let the wedding happen, you will get money. Vidhi asks what money. He was worried and thought they were hiding something from me. Pandit asks a partner to do it. Vidhi stops them and questions about his family. Nitin lie at him. He will ask for more things.

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Rangeela came in her room and fell down. Pushkar came to him and asked how you fell, you’re fine. He asked him about Vidhi. He said I had asked you to save some bodies to the police misleading, I felt you thought I killed Vidhi. Rangeela said no. Pushkar says you can leave your loyalty and fight me, you can squeeze me for this secret. Rangeela said I was afraid, what would I say anyone, you told me that you left her in the forest, my life would be good because of you. Smile Pushkar.

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Perfect Husband Thursday 10th December 2021: Rangeela said sorry and left. Pushkar said that he doubles across me, who was my new enemy, who knew the truth of this Vidhi. Vidhi caught a lie from a partner. He asked Nitin about his birthday. Nitin said we were married today. He scolds him. He also scolded the wardens. He asked the warden why he sold it. He said I had bought you for five lakh, don’t do drama, you only my entertainment. He was surprised. He refused to do a wedding. The man grieved him. Nitin asked for a Pandit to start a pheras quickly and get them married.

Vidhi escaped. Nitin and thugs catch it. He was kidnapped. The anklet fell. Kabeer saw the girl playing with her anklet.


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