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Perfect Husband Thursday 25th November 2021 Zee World

Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Thursday 25th November 2021: The episode begins with a pushkar angrily prepared chili to Vidhi. He tried to leave. He said I had one more way. He showed happiness of Meera and threatened to break Meera’s alliance. He said I can marry someone else, he won’t be happy then, what if something happens to max. He scared him. He agreed to eat chili. He begged him not to do anything against Meera and Max.

He cried and went to the kitchen. He made a video call to Damini. He told me everything Damini. Damini said I was afraid of this, I didn’t know what to say, did you give medicines to pushkar. Vidhi says yes. Damini said that meant medicine did not affect it, I had to meet him, I could not treat it. Vidhi says this is impossible. Damini said there was one way he would not hesitate to us. He told his plan.

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Perfect Husband Thursday 25th November 2021: The next morning, Meera sang Bhajan. Rajshri did Aarti. Vidhi comes to attend. Rajshri said we would soon meet the Max family and notice. Meera Thank you Rajshri and Pushkar. Vidhi reminded his family and prayed that he saved the family and got a pushkar when he thought about it. He asked if I would make breakfast for you. Pushkar said yes, didn’t you take my blessings. Vidhi went to touch his feet. He stopped him and made him not ghunted. He bless him and hurt. He goes. Vidhi thinks of Damini’s words. He told Pushkar about Damini’s party. He asked Meera to invite Max too, Bela and Rangeela will also come

sed Damini and asked about masks. Damini said the theme of his party. He said it was interesting, people appeared something and people consider something, too pleasant. Damini said yes, people forgotten himself when he was wearing a mask and thought this was his real face. He asked him to choose a mask.

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He made Vidhi wear a mask and said I just wanted to see if this mask hid my wife’s original face. Vidhi thought why I felt that Pushkar knew Damini’s face, no … Bela and Rangela enjoyed a few drinks. They danced in Pie Cutie.

Perfect Husband Thursday 25th November 2021: Damini shows the house to the pushkar. He said it was a very beautiful home. He asks what your favorite color is. He asks what’s yours fav. He said the red. He said a blood red color. He sees himself Pics. Damini think how I forgot to hide this pic. Pushkar say you say you’re a teacher, why you are attending workshops psychology. Vidhi concerns.

Damini says I’m afraid for this, Pushkar dangerous. Pushkar viewed Vidhi talk to Damini.


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